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    Seeking feedback for a 3d12 Homebrew System

    Overall System Name: "Z-Wolf" ... because I have an icon that goes well with it, and it's a pun on the German word for 12 since it uses d12s. Genre and overall feel: a "fantasy heartbreaker," intended as a replacement for D&D/Pathfinder. High fantasy stories, ongoing adventuring campaigns...
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    Seminar Transcript - Class Design: From Assassins to Wizards

    If anything, that "slow win button" should be a feat, not the main theme of a class. Most people don't like playing such a style. Eh, the Spontaneous Variant Cleric in 3e did a basically good job. Not too crazy. I don't see why this should be separate from the "classic 1e-style" Cleric...
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    Seminar Transcript - Class Design: From Assassins to Wizards

    Don't forget Thief being separate from Rogue, and Mage and Magic-User separate from Wizard. ;) They also mentioned the Psion in passing, as well as the possibility of splitting the Cleric from the Priest. You're right, that's a LOT of PHB1 classes to try to launch a new system with. I think...
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    How I Broke Up With Item Dependence and Bad Math

    This has become my favorite argument (well, maybe) in favor of E6-style D&D. A Level 20 Wizard and a Level 2 halfling rogue adventuring together isn't so ridiculous if the Level 20 Wizard is actually just Level 6 with 14 extra feats. (Still pretty wacked, but altering some other rules -- like...
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    One-Shot, Sorcerer 20 needs spell help.

    Assuming you're not trying to avoid Polymorph cheese ... Assuming you're staying away from many useful defensive spells that a Cleric can cover (e.g. Remove Curse), in hopes that your party will end up with a Cleric ... Assuming your DM interprets Shadow Evocation/Conjuration fairly liberally...
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    Looking to break out from eurogames

    I have to agree with Scitadel. Diplomacy sounds *perfect* for your group.
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    Board games you own and would recommend

    Most of my favorites have been mentioned ... As far as Risk variants go, I definitely have to put in a word for GodStorm. I haven't tried 2210, but GodStorm was the next project done by the same design team. I definitely like it much better than LotR Risk. Among its many great features, my...
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    Defeating a Great Wyrm Force Dragon

    Beguiler 20/Archmage 1/Wizard 5. Cast a Reached Maximized (rod) Shivering Touch, and use Cloaked Casting to automatically bypass the Spell Resistance. Three problems with this: - How do you surprise something (to use Cloaked Casting) with +100-something Spot and Listen checks, Blindsense, and...
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    Dragon Shaman

    Another beautiful cheap item from MIC is the Caduceus Bracers. Let you do more stuff with your healing abilities. 2k.
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    New Controller Class: The Invoker

    But of course! That's a problem with all 4e Divine classes, duh! ;)
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    Character Building Challenge: Master Swordsman

    Yeah ... I know I'm repeating people here, but to affirm, there are two main ways you can go with your concept: 1) Psychic Warrior/Slayer. 2) Warblade, with dips in Swordsage, Fighter, and/or Swashbuckler. If your DM doesn't like Psionics, the first option is out. (Even if you chose this one...
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    Paragon class skills question

    Read it this way: "Paragon class levels can be taken any time a character gains a new level, even at 1st level (in which case they receive: four times the following: "the normal number of skill points gained at each succeeding level" )."
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    D&D 3E/3.5 What parts of 4E should I bring to 3.5?

    The first thing I would adopt from 4e is Rituals as a separate system from combat spells. Takes some work, but balances a lot of the most unbalanced things in the game, and opens up some new possible creative directions too.
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    You don't play Wizards, do you?
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    Charisma based classes..

    Crusader (Tome of Battle) Favored Soul (Complete Divine) Dread Necromancer (Heroes of Horror) Warlock (Complete Arcane) Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic) Spellthief (Complete Adventurer) Binder (Tome of Magic) Warmage (Complete Arcane) Wilder (Expanded Psionics Handbook) Soulborn (Magic of...
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    Quartersatff Rethought

    The Warblade build I'm currently working on would like to claim that there's little wrong with the Quarterstaff as-is. (Although some decent quarterstaff-specific feats to improve it would not be unappreciated ...) It's the only double weapon that doesn't require wasting a feat on EWP. People...
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    Brainstorm 3.x Multiclassing

    My favorite solution is Generic Classes (not quite the same as the ones in UA, but the same idea). But I don't think you're asking about a change quite that drastic ... In other ideas, I've been quite impressed with how well feats like "Daring Outlaw" and "Swift Hunter" can work if they're...
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    Alternative to Taking 10

    Nope. Check the description of the Concentration skill again. It's supposed to be used when a more-than-one-round action, such as a Disable Device check, is interrupted by the character taking damage. This is the only one of your objections that makes me question the Take 10 system. You've...
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    Feats for sneak attack

    There are also items that add sneak attack damage, especially in the MIC. I love the Mantle of the Predator, for example (p. 200 MIC).
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    Draconic Aura Options

    Thanks for the answers, both of you. The final question remains: Is a full-party fire (?) resistance aura worth my feat? (I imagine fire would be the most practical resistance to pick ...) Surprisingly, SotS, there is no one in the party with Evasion. The party makeup is a Warblade, a...