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  1. Xyanthon

    OD&D November 2013--Deluxe OD&D Reprint (White Box + Supplements I-IV)

    Sweet, I've got the originals but I'm going to get this as well. An updated RC would be nice as well.
  2. Xyanthon

    How big is your RPG collection?

    I haven't counted but know my collection is well over 300 (possibly 500 - like I said I'd have to count and take inventory). I have two 7 foot book shelves that are 4' wide with six shelves that are full with another 7' book shelve that is about two feet wide that is about half full of RPGs...
  3. Xyanthon

    Building the Megadungeon

    I love the names. They are very evocative. I also like the idea of including the names in rumors that the characters would pick up while out and about. I think things like that really build the scene and keep things interesting for for the player. I'm not sure if it is your intent, but it...
  4. Xyanthon

    Is it my imagination, or...

    I've noticed it too Myth. It has increased my interest in coming and checking out the discussions here. It's nice to see gamers talking about games instead of intent on flaming folks for their preference in gaming. I'll never understand that.
  5. Xyanthon

    The thing I miss most from AD&D is...

    The thing I miss most is the Aesthetic of the game. Gary's prose, the artwork, the play style, etc. Of course I still have all of the books as well as the retroclones so it's still all there for me (and my kids!)
  6. Xyanthon

    Johnathan Bingham's Old School Art Web Site

    Finally got around to getting my own site. My wife worked pretty hard on this and I'm very pleased on how it turned out. Go to Johnathan L. Bingham Art Portfolio and let me know what you think.
  7. Xyanthon

    I love AD&D

    Just figured I'd add my voice. I love 1e so much I'm still actively working on several print projects for it.
  8. Xyanthon

    Nice one, Pozas

    Nice work Claudio. I've been a fan for a while now.
  9. Xyanthon

    A Farewell to 3E (parts 1-3) - REVISED with Part 3!

    Thanks for sharing! It looks like a great time was had by all.
  10. Xyanthon

    D&D 4E Lack of interst in posting since 4e announcement?

    It has been quite a while since I've posted. Not sure why really but I just haven't had the urge. Plus I do't spend much time on the boards at all lately. I'd rather be doing art or reading.
  11. Xyanthon

    Slucher's Art

    Amazing work! I hope to see more soon.
  12. Xyanthon

    Happy Birthday Fruthaka!

    Sorry to be so late but happy birthday Fru! I hope you had a good one.
  13. Xyanthon

    Old School Style Artist

    I'm finally starting to get a little more settled here in Italy and getting a little more work done. Here' a cockatrice I just finished for the OSRIC project:
  14. Xyanthon

    EN World Mug Shots!

    Hehe, that gave me a good idea for an oath "By Xyanthon's Beard!" I'm a dork but oh well, at least my wife loves me :D .
  15. Xyanthon

    I think I'm moving to Seattle, or close to it.

    Punkorange, I moved from Springfield Missouri out to Seattle five years ago. It was quite a change, but one I'm sure that you will find well worth it. People in Seattle are friendly, the city has lots to do and the area is absolutely beautiful. Things such as housing are quite a bit more...
  16. Xyanthon

    EN World Mug Shots!

    Here's me with my daughter leaving Japan for the move to Italy. I'm not quite sure why I look so pensive.
  17. Xyanthon

    OK, we have a problem [please read!]

    Just signed up for my CSA. Where are you headed to in Italy Russ? I just moved to Vicenza a little over two weeks ago and am loving it. HAVE A GREAT TRIP!
  18. Xyanthon

    RPGs with the Best ART

    Artesia: Adventures in the Known World has some fantastic work.
  19. Xyanthon

    LGS in Vancouver-Seattle-Portland!

    In Seattle, here's my favorite: Dreaming Comics & Games 5226 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105 (206) 525-9394
  20. Xyanthon

    Any news on d20 Delta Green?

    I got a copy on the way from Noble Knight games. They rock.