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    D&D 5E Keith Baker Presents Closing Doors On Eberron

    WALK AWAY. You dont get anything from this. Take your worldbuilding skills and create something new and improved that is yours. I loved Eberron back in the older better D&D Editions, but if they own it, you should no longer support it. Put your energy and passion into creating something that is...
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    D&D (2024) How did I miss this about the Half races/ancestries

    Why? This is pure fantasy and for 50 years there have been half-orcs and half-elves.
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    D&D General What ever happened to the Cavalier?

    We used to have a cavalier Class in the older versions of D&D. What ever happened to that, are we ever going to get another Cavalier Class?
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    D&D 5E The New D&D Book: Candlekeep Mysteries: 17 Mystery Adventures [UPDATED!]

    Why does it matter if all of the authors are women? Why can't we just have good adventures and not worry about the gender of the writers??
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    D&D 5E The New D&D Book: Candlekeep Mysteries: 17 Mystery Adventures [UPDATED!]

    Why does it matter if all of the authors are women? Why can't we just have good adventures and not worry about the gender of the writers??
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    Wow. Just began reading Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes -- WOTC is really putting out some awesome books.

    I agree with the original poster...these books are great and the focus on good and relevant material vs pumping out books to make product is the way to go. Reading this thread though so many people whining and complaining. I honestly think these people are never satisfied, just grumble and moan...
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    Poker Chips Under Mini Bases

    Wyrmscales I use these awesome wooden markers. WyrmScales on Etsy They are cheap and come in a handy tin for storage. And they stack easily without the drawbacks (and cost) of magnets.
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    Is the Age of Hardcover Gluttony over?

    Hardcovers for the win Softcovers fall apart, the cost difference is minimal. Wizards needs to focus on content and decent layout and keep the hardcover price competitive and the book content high value. I much prefer hardcovers, the quality and durability of a hardcover binding far exceeds...
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    Modron Modron Mooooodroooon!

    Modcron awesomeness I would love to see a book dedicated to the modrons... Wouldn't it be cool if they could like merge together and form larger polygonal modrons...sort of like cogs in a bigger machine. I just think there is a bunch of good stuff there. I am envisioning mechanics in their...
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    Will Google Wave Play a Part in Your Game?

    Google Failed and Wave Died No surprise here, but this sucks for anyone that worked hard to make Wave work for their Game Table.
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    Damphyr Rogue with Garrote

    I think this would be a pretty cool idea, but having trouble getting the stats to work right. I am looking at super stealth to get close and use a garrote in combat. Any ideas on making this character worthwhile in combat?
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    Morbidly Obese Character?

    Good feedback I appreciate the feedback on this. The idea came up and I found it intriguing, and not an attempt to 'BUCK' the system as some have thought. While I do understand that the mechanics are there and the player only need to role play a fat unhealthy guy, I also understand that the...
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    Morbidly Obese Character?

    I play 4th edition and we had a player that wants to create a morbidly obese character. I find this a cool idea if he agrees to role play him properly and not just be a short time gag. My question to everyone here is what type of mechanic penalties should I impose on this obese character...
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    What is the best FIGHTER L12 item

    Awesome suggestions thanks a bunch!
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    What is the best FIGHTER L12 item

    My fighter recently completed LFR adventure Paladin's Plague (highly recommended BTW), and he is now granted one magic item of his choosing Level 12. Problem is I don't know what he should get. Any recommendations? He is a defender, with the following items already: -Deathstalker Longsword +2...
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    Hex grid spell templates

    4e Square Grid Do you guys have a similar grid for 4e square grid? I do not typically use hex grid, but love the transparency idea for the game.
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    Any Dark Sun info from DDXP yet?

    Not sure why WOTC feels the need to pump out all of the GENERIC world content. If they would just tweak those articles/cities to a specific setting I would be happier. I would not mind seeing monthly themes with DDi where they can focus on specific campaigns. Why do we have the Chaos...
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    Prisoner not allowed to play D&D

    Do we know what this guy is guilty of? Prison terms require a minimum felony verdict which is usually pretty serious. I really disagree with your assertion that I must empathize with him. I am not a criminal and do not empathize with criminals. I don't think prisoners should watch TV or...
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    Prisoner not allowed to play D&D

    Who the hell cares He is in PRISON! He should not be allowed to do anything but punch out license plates and do his time. Why is this even a topic of discussion, maybe the way news reported it, but he is in prison and prison life is punishment!
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    Classic 1E Mods in 4E?

    Do you have any of the materials available or did you wing it as you go? I would be interested in running these oldies in 4e but dont know where to begin. Also, interested in running 4e Age of Worms.