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    D&D 3E/3.5 5E's Initial Raw Sales Numbers Stronger Than 3E's!

    I think this is diskwalifyed because that's a legitamutly spelled wurd, just not the one you ment.
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    D&D 5E PHB is #3 right now on "Amazon's Hot New Releases"

    I think this is diskwalifyed because that's a legitamutly spelled wurd, just not the one you ment.
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    D&D 5E Your First 5e Character (now with PHB content!)

    Yes! That was the option I was forgetting.
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    D&D 5E Your First 5e Character (now with PHB content!)

    I'm currently stewing over how best to convert my character from our 4E campaign over to 5th. The character is a wood elf storm warden, who was just about to start in on the Child of the North Wind paragon path. In the campaign setting we're using, some races aren't native to the plane but...
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    D&D 5E Should the splatbooks to come be theme-based or class/race based?

    I think I'd rather avoid the whole notion of splatbooks alltogether. Setting books, fine. Adventures, great. But when it comes to offering new options... I feel like these sorts of things should be presented in additional DMGs, right? I mean, the DMG is being pitched as the DM's modular...
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    D&D 5E Have you played 5E yet?

    This is about where I'm at. We're playing an intentionally short campaign using a mix of final playtest character creation with basic rules. But we're anticipating converting our 4th edition campaign over once we have the PHB and MM. We *probably* don't need the DMG before we can start.
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    D&D 5E D&D 5e Basic Set: Things that make you go "what?!"

    While this is true, at some point, it becomes difficult to track a moving target accurately because the angular motion required to do so is so great. Holding a bead on something by shifting your aim .3 degrees per second is much easier than doing so while shifting your aim 30 degrees per second...
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    D&D 5E What PHB class are you most anticipating?

    This is where I'm at. After really enjoying the 5th edition game Wizards ran at last year's GenCon, our group put our 4th edition campaign on hiatus (for a few other contributing factors, as well) and did other stuff. My character for that campaign was a Warden, so whether the green knight...
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    Advantages / Disadvantages

    We all know FATE rolls 4dF. The way I see it, I'll make my future dice purchases towards an eye of pairing off a few die colors. I buy dice periodically anyways, so this isn't an imposition in my eyes. This will give me a threshold of simultaneous dis/advantaged checks I can make in one roll...
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    Playing the same character since 1985? Gwah?

    Probably campaign notes at this point!
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    New Marvel RPG?

    When I saw this update come across my G+ stream last Wednesday, I went from mildly curious to very excited. I really love some of the gameplay dynamics that I can see lurking underneath the surface here. I can totally envision the way this alteration of Cortex (for which my only prior experience...
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    Rubbing Elbows with Powerful Known NPC’s

    In the Dresden Files RPG I'm running, the notion of contacting Harry has come up once or twice among my players (or rather, the two players with characters who would know who he is). He is in the phone book, after all, so it's not like it would be hard to do so. However, Harry's reputation for...
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    Heraldric Coat of Arms Generator

    One charge addition that should be fairly simple yet seemed a glaring omission is a bolt of lightning. Good tool, easy to use and attractive results, though! I wonder, also, whether you could code in a means for the program to provide a blazon for the designed arms. I'm thinking that the art of...
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    What system did you never get to play even though you wanted to?

    In the past: 7th Sea Mutants and Masterminds (I ran a game, briefly, but I don't think highly of my DMing skills, nor do I have as much fun, generally) D20 Modern Things I'm still looking for an opportunity to play: FATE (Dresden Files and Spirit of the Century, both look fantastic, and I want...
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    To be honest, neither do most of the costumed folk. You'll have to pardon my crotchettyness that I suspect will suffuse this post. Darn, I didn't think to see if anybody here was going. Next year. Read, occasionally, play, no, dress -- it had become too popular and diluted (see earlier snark...
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    Your favorite pickup game?

    Given this, the lack of love in this thread for Munchkin surprises me. Sounds perfect. Alternately, if I can get buy-in from the other guys, I've been considering using Spirit of the Century as a fill-in. Rules for on the fly character generation, a setting that excuses player absences (in case...
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    In Your Experience: How Good are GM's?

    I don't feel equipped to answer the question. I've had a few DM's with whom I have just not clicked at all, and a few of those have seemed to be floundering in the role altogether. I don't have an issue labelling the latter "bad," but is it fair to call the former "bad" as well? Also, what...
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    Preparing to start a M&M campaign...

    Yeah, I'm pitching this as a chance to try something different and unique as a break from our D&D game, in a genre and system that encourages improvisation and more environmental interaction just like that. It's also a good chance for me to flex some creativity and pull out some memes and plot...
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    Preparing to start a M&M campaign...

    What should I know? I remember playing a one-shot at an Ohio Game Day with pre-gens back when the first edition was new, but that was a bunch of years ago and my memory's gone hazy. What powers get out of hand if I don't keep an eye on my players during creation? What are some good/fun...
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    Serenity RPG

    My experience running a Serenity game was immediately after it came out, I haven't paid attention to the system recently. I found two things: it's easy for players to make a character that you have a hard time finding "stuff to do" for, without getting really repetitive, or that really just...