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  1. Galethorn

    Airplanes With Glass Wings A Possibility

    Ever bent a piece of metal or plastic back and forth until it broke? Amorphous metals don't break no matter how many times they bend back and forth. Why is this relevant? Every time a plane goes through turbulence, it's wings wobble up and down like crazy. If it happens enough times without the...
  2. Galethorn

    What have you been cooking recently?

    Grilling salmon marinated in garlic-and-lemon sauce and fresh orange juice later today... Did chicken with a similar marinade a couple of days ago... Helped my mom make some excellent pasta salad with mushrooms, orange pepper, green-beans, and pine nuts last week...
  3. Galethorn

    Thiefling names

    Heh heh heh heh heh. Turd. Just for reference, my group has an elven rogue named The Impaler. The the is non-optional.
  4. Galethorn

    Bump If You're Tired of [insert reason]

    4e is different enough from 3.5 that I've returned to D&D after two years of True20. Nuff said.
  5. Galethorn

    Changes to the Ranger

    Having slept on it, it seems like a better modification would be to just alter the TWF path to be a more general melee path, and forego the change in hitpoints. To do that, I think what I might do is basically let a ranger make two attacks with a single weapon for all the powers where you roll...
  6. Galethorn

    Changes to the Ranger

    Fighters lack the skills and 'skirmish' related powers that rangers get.
  7. Galethorn

    Changes to the Ranger

    EDIT: Changed my mind about this modification; see my third post in the thread for my current idea. Ok, so, I had a vague idea for a third ranger path. The title is a working one, obviously. Basically, it gives the ranger that takes the path the same HP characteristics as a fighter, for those...
  8. Galethorn

    June: What are you reading?

    "In Search of King Solomon's Mines" by Tahir Shah.
  9. Galethorn

    Find Out Your Band Name and Debut Album

    Zem "Ideas that were true" I'm mildly disappointed.
  10. Galethorn

    Amazon 1 day arriving the 9th?

    I preordered with the free shipping, and they say I'll be getting mine on tuesday. I'm starting to feel glad I didn't shell out the extra $10. Besides, it's probably best if I don't have the books until _after_ my dreaded chemistry final.
  11. Galethorn

    I R now a grad-u-eight!!

    Well done! I got my AA last year, and I'm working on my Bachelors now.
  12. Galethorn

    How do I pronounce "vaginarius"?

    From what I've read, the anatomical term came from its use in lewd jokes by roman legionnaires, which eventually led to its use as a more general slang term.
  13. Galethorn

    What to do in Seattle, WA

    Avoid rush-'hour' traffic. That's from 1pm to 7pm in Seattle, folks.
  14. Galethorn

    EN World scientists...

    Geology undergrad, minors in Physics and Astronomy. I'm planning on going straight into grad school after I get my BS. My goal is to work for the USGS Astrogeology lab in Flagstaff for a few years as a post-doc, and then find a university that'll give me a team of grad students to trudge around...
  15. Galethorn

    How traffic lights affect my iPod

    Those of us in the sciences like to ruin it for everyone else. Everyone ignores us, so I think it's all square in the end.
  16. Galethorn

    OotS #544

    I thought the usual kind was just a Wondrous Item, under the Major column...
  17. Galethorn

    How big are the rocks that giants throw?

    One important physics note: if you double the weight of the rock, you get twice the kinetic energy, but if you double the speed, you get four times as much energy. So, a 10-pound rock going 80mph packs twice the punch that a 20-pound rock going 40mph does. Interestingly enough, this is (mostly)...
  18. Galethorn

    Tattoo Help

    It's debatable. It's my understanding that when spoken by Julius Caesar, he pronounced it 'ee-ahk-tah,' much like Jesus, in latin, was spelled IESU/IESUS (depending on the tense), and pronounced 'ee-ey-sue' by the people who were chanting the name in the first century AD. The other likely...
  19. Galethorn

    Tattoo Help

    Keep in mind that there's no J in latin; it's ALEA IACTA EST in the original latin.
  20. Galethorn

    [Rant] It's Springtime!!!

    Up here, 80 miles north of Seattle, it's alternating between cold and clear, and cold and wet. During the summer months, this part of Washington gets the same sort of weather as San Francisco and the bay area. During the winter, we twice as much rain as they do. Go figure. It's damned lucky I...