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    Ravnica Table of Contents & More

    WotC is not hosting the RPGSports duels. It's been mentioned multiple times already.
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    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana August: Races of Ravnica

    I wonder why they went with the less-evocative name "Simic Hybrid" rather than "Krasis," which is what the hybrids are called in the Ravnica cards.
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    Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    I gave an answer in the comments of the newer Ravnica article: Yes, Ravnica has oceans. These, too have been city-ed over. The second cycle of stories set in Ravnica state that for some reason sinkholes began appearing all across the plane, revealing merfolk and other aquatic creatures and...
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    Watch These 4 Trailers for Ravnica

    I think we're forgetting the fact that Magic's planes are rather small compared to what D&D's conventional description of what a planet is. Though we have no idea how large exactly Ravnica is, it can be assumed that it's much smaller than a standard Earth-sized planet. If I'm not mistaken, the...
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    Watch These 4 Trailers for Ravnica

    Races that Ravnica have that aren't common in other D&D worlds include the Goblin, the Vedalken and the Loxodon. The Vedalken are similar to Eberron's Kalashtar in the sense that they're very psychic and introspective. The Loxodon are basically minotaurs, but with elephant heads. As for magic...
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    Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    The three novels could help out; they're formatted basically like separate stories with convergences: RAVNICA: CITY OF GUILDS follows Agrus Kos, a human Boros guild officer as he tracks down a series of crimes to a hidden guild (the Dimir guild; Ravnica's citizens don't know it exists). It also...
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    Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    I guess the cover of the book looks *slightly* misleading, which may be why Ravnica could be confused as being high-tech. It shows a wizard of the Izzet, guild of innovation, whose Parun (Guild founder) is a very ancient dragon. In fact, Ravnica is as fantastic a world as any other previously...
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    Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    Food is provided predomimantly by the Golgari guild, which basically uses druidic/necromantic ways to dispose and recycle organic stuff. As for travel to and from Ravnica, at least the first three novels explicitly state that it's self-contained; planar travel is at first impossible due to the...
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    Do We Still Need "Oriental Adventures"?

    I'm Asian. "Kara-Tur" was beautiful, and I could see that the writers did a lot of respectful research when describing Kara-Tur's geography. I especially loved the details put into the island kingdoms of Bertan (the Forgotten Realms equivalent of where I live); even if they're described as...
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    [UPDATED] DM's Guild No Longer Allows Creator Logos On Product Covers

    I'm currently writing content for Storytellers Vault (the White Wolf version of DMsGuild on DTRPG). I don't write for the money, I just want to get my name out there (though I have to admit I currently have more money coming in from the sole accessory I wrote so far for SV than the two I wrote...
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    Plane Shift: Ixalan is More Magic: the Gathering For Your D&D!

    I started playing MtG way back in the "Tempest" block (1997?). Back then the story took place on an artificial Phyrexia-based plane called "Rath" that, long story short, blended with Dominaria, causing that world's first apocalypse.
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    "Dust" and "Midway" - Codenames for Upcoming D&D Hardcovers

    "Midway" sounds interesting, for obvious reasons. :)
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    Plane Shift: Kaladesh - More MAGIC THE GATHERING For Your D&D Game!

    To be fair, Kaladesh is the first plane to have a sort of a "lighter" theme than the ones they've been visiting in the past few years. While other planes were being ruined by aliens (Innistrad, Zendikar, Mirrodin) or being torn from within (Kamigawa, Theros, Ravnica, Tarkir), Kaladesh's main...
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    ZENDIKAR -- Where Magic: The Gathering and D&D Collide!

    Remember when the first Zendikar packs had those ultra-super-rares (Black Lotus et al) hiding in assorted booster boxes? Maybe the D&D Zendikar experience would allow PCs to discover the Teeth of Dahlver-Nar hiding in the Bojuka Bogs or something. :) Other than that, Zendikar is a perfect fit...
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    Sandboxy Holdenshire, Fell Grafts, Elemental Spiders, and Dwarven Subraces: 5E Material Coming Soon

    I loved writing "Rites of Spring" and how each of the festivals have a (more or less) real-world equivalent. :)
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    [EN5ider #58] It's Never Over: Plot Seeds for the End of the World

    Thanks! It looks great, and on my birthday even! :)
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    D&D 5E The Smoky Mirror: An Artifact from Maztica

    "The Smoky Mirror" details a powerful artifact from the True World complete with a full history and an ambitious goal--but only those who claim it as its own can truly know what its real motives are.
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    EN5ider & The OGL & You

    I'd like to thank ENWorld, Morrus and James Haeck for approving my EN5ider entry; it isn't out yet, but I had a lot of fun writing it (it's all about the World ending, that's all I could say at the moment). I hope to write more articles for EN5ider in the days to come. :)
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    Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November... Politics & Intrigue in RPGs

    The Legends of the Five Rings RPG has the Courtier as a base class, one that hardly (if ever) engages in physical combat. Each of the Clans has their own courtier schools and styles of political influence. I often GM my L5R games in the annual Winter Court, and successful courtier characters...
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    White Wolf Bought By Paradox

    Wow. First, L5R gets bought by FFG, now this. Both of them have my favorite RPG's, and in these same cases, the tabletop RPG's don't seem to be the immediate priorities of the new owners.