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  1. Kithas

    D&D 5E Bow Bond: An Eldritch Knight’s Guide to Archery

    So I know this is a suuuper old post and this may be in poor taste but I feel it's important. You cannot use crossbow expert with a shield. Even without the loading property hand crossbows still have the Ammunition property which clearly states that you need a free hand to load the hand...
  2. Kithas

    D&D 5E [Poll] What is. The best saving throw proficency?

    I used as little context as possible so as not to sway the voting. I wanted a large number of opinions on overall, all things considered which save is the best. If concentration saves make con pull ahead absolutely pick con. It is naturally very contextual. Which is why I was hoping for a big...
  3. Kithas

    D&D 5E [Poll] What is. The best saving throw proficency?

    So I've seen that post on gitp before. My issue with it is that the numbers are wrong. The easy place to see this is the spells, D&D beyond has an easily searchable by save required spell list. That I have checked against the paper books. The results from that are as follows; Str 17 Dex 58 Con...
  4. Kithas

    D&D 5E [Poll] What is. The best saving throw proficency? What, in your experience and opinion, is the 1 best saving throw proficiency to have for a player character? This has become a curiosity of mine very recently, and I am hoping to get a large sample size of results thanks!
  5. Kithas

    New Player Paladin Optimization Advice

    The numbers that con adds at lower levels are naturally lower but the %age of your health is the same. Just like health scales over time, the damage you take will scale over time too. An extra 15 health by level 5(12con vs 18 con, or 14con and tough) may not seem like much but that's likely 2-3...
  6. Kithas

    Half -Orc Barbarian build advice

    It wouldn't change your alignment unless the deity in question would demand it in the case of a cleric. This would be akin to repenting of things that god disagrees with. As far as paladin, in 5e they aren't really tied to deities anymore. They are based on an oath you make. That could very well...
  7. Kithas

    New Player Paladin Optimization Advice

    When you say battle turtle I'm interpreting somewhere between a tank and a damage dealer in my terminology and that seems on track with the rest of your wants. You seem to be leaning towards tankiness over damage with choices like protection and sentinel. First thought I had was that if you...
  8. Kithas

    D&D 5E Twinned Spell + Extended Spell + Conjure X build?

    Because of the reasons above this doesn't work. Sorry :/
  9. Kithas

    D&D 5E I'm really hating Constitution right now

    Not every character is 'optimal' but realistically as said above people adventuringwauld largelybe tough if theyre going to survive long. It's kinda like managing a baseball team and lamenting about everyone having such cood hand eye coordination.
  10. Kithas

    D&D 5E Intelligence Ratings

    I would agree that the usefulness of IQ test numbers when conceptualizing how a character of x int would act is not super helpful. Describing more stereo types would be more useful. Some examples from how I see the stats. The kid who never studies or does his homework but still can get b's on...
  11. Kithas

    D&D 5E Intelligence Ratings

    I really like the idea here but I believe there is a fundamental flaw. As someone who has taken several IQ tests and have a parent who administered them as a teacher the tests have much closer ties to the stat Wisdom than intelligence. The tests are usually a timed set of problems based on...
  12. Kithas

    D&D 5E The Most Annoying Wizard Ever- A Bladesinger Build

    The main point of this thread is using bladesinger for making a stupidly hard to kill character. ie a tank. Every class can be every role(Tank, Support, Damage dealer). Some just excel at different parts of that role. I am sure that a Bladesinger would make a perfectly serviceable tank and would...
  13. Kithas

    D&D 5E The Most Annoying Wizard Ever- A Bladesinger Build

    Blue summed it up really well. This has always been how I saw the bladesinger class. Cute, but far too MAD to really be worthwhile. You need a high Int, or your spells are mediocre and you don't get that massive boost to your ac. You need a high Con or that lucky guy who manages to hit you will...
  14. Kithas

    D&D 5E Your top 5 feats

    I assume we are going for power-level here, or just overall usefulness anyways, in no order; Tough Heavy Armor Master Crossbow Expert Polearm Master Magic Initiate Tough gives you the hp of a +4 in con in one asi, can be great to get after that 20 con on a tank or instead of 2 +2 con asi on a...
  15. Kithas

    D&D 5E Melee Gish Tempest Cleric build help. Thanks in advance.

    So firstly I am going to break down what I am hearing from you; You like the idea of a Thor worshiping thunder smashing melee gish style character. You want to focus on Tankiness and Spellcasting while also doing well in melee. Your race is flexible. You want booming blade. Going off of that it...
  16. Kithas

    D&D 5E Building a self healing caster

    As he said with Cure Wounds and Healing word, spells clearly meant to work with this feature, the same "regains hit points" language is used. The same arguments could be brought against those, if a creature cannot be healed(chill touched) or is at full hp they cannot regain hit points. You still...
  17. Kithas

    D&D 5E Help building a Strong Guy inspired character

    So if youre looking for how to build this with the existing rules this is the right place. If you're looking to create content to help adapt the concept that would be for the homebrew area. Unfortunately the errata for unarmed strikes hurts this concept a lot. If your dm is willing to give you...
  18. Kithas

    D&D 5E Building a self healing caster

    It does seem that those all work together. Your main issue is as you said the Mad nature of this beast. You did forget one thing though, if you plan on going melee with vamp touch you need some hp and ac to not get dropped. There are two options to help with this; play a hill dwarf(or...
  19. Kithas

    D&D 5E Any Rogue/Warlock ideas?

    Or you can have it use the help action to give advantage...
  20. Kithas

    Anyone got a decent build for a knife-throwing character?

    Y'know, I dont think Ive ever seen a 13 YEAR necro post before. I'm really not sure vhether to be concerned or impressed. You're definitely too late. Seriously this is more than half my lifetime o.o