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  1. Korgan26

    Spell on a weapon

    I did not even think of the cost of duration modification. Way to expensive (obviously) Thanks for all the thoughts Z
  2. Korgan26

    Spell on a weapon

    Posted this at gleemax but recieved no thoughts I have a high level long running campaign and a player asked me if he could have a weapon made with inflict critical wounds in it so when he attacked it would do extra damage. This brought up 2 main questions: 1. Unless then spell was quickened...
  3. Korgan26

    Archmage arcane fire

    Thanks Z
  4. Korgan26

    Archmage arcane fire

    Arcane Fire (Su): The archmage gains the ability to change arcane spell energy into arcane fire, manifesting it as a bolt of raw magical energy. The bolt is a ranged touch attack with long range (400 feet + 40 feet/level of archmage) that deals 1d6 points of damage per class level of the...
  5. Korgan26

    Revenge of the Sith a flop?

    Rangerwickett I couldn't agree more. Z
  6. Korgan26

    Metamorphosis: From Dretch to Demon Lord - Ascension Released!

    Well done!! keep it coming. Z
  7. Korgan26

    Szass Tam

    I think he has an entry in the unapproachable east book. Z
  8. Korgan26

    Pet peeve: somebody, everybody, anybody, nobody

    Springplum you beat me to it!! when people say "I could care less." meaning "I couldn't care less." It is everything I can do not to strangle them. Z
  9. Korgan26

    Pet peeve: snow on cars

    As a minnesotan with a winter that lasts till may some years, snow on the windows is something I never get tired of screaming about. (ask my wife :) ) Z
  10. Korgan26

    Parents: What cartoon/character/movie/song are you sick of?

    I am so sick of "The Lion King" my daughter is 20 months old and loves animals, so naturally I rented The lion King and she loved it, (It sound have been a warning when we watched it 4-5 times just in the time we had it rented) But now everyday it's "Daddy Mooby (She has troubles with V's)...
  11. Korgan26

    Spot check DC

    What would the DC be to see a delay blast fireball "Pea" hidden in a flame the size and shape of a lantern flame. 1.5 to 2 inches long x .25 inches wide x 3 to 4 inches tall thanks Z
  12. Korgan26

    Forgotten Realms: Favorite Regions for Campaigns.

    Dragon coast for me. Westgate imparticular. Z
  13. Korgan26

    Anyone read the new Pressfield book?

    I just realized that the new Steven Pressfield book The virtues of war: A novel of Alexander the Great. I am wondering if anyone has read it yet and what they thought. Thanks Z
  14. Korgan26

    what's a good magical weapon for a lower level ranger

    If it's an archer forget the +1 bow get a mty comp that helps you take advantage of your strenght Z
  15. Korgan26

    One of my favorite comics might go bye bye

    One of my fav's right behind Get Fuzzy. Z
  16. Korgan26

    The geek Test

    185. Z
  17. Korgan26

    Need Info on the Yuuzhan Vong

    Read them all!! I'm doing it for the second time. Z
  18. Korgan26

    Who needs sleep?

    96 hours and at that point I saw the Cheshire cat dancing on top of a computer monitor across the room from my own. That was a little freaky, otherwise I'm a 4 hour a day person who (due to work and child watching) does a 24+ stint at least once a week. Z
  19. Korgan26

    Going to hurl

    Wow, it's bad. Not green death flavor bad, but close. Z