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    Dragonlance: Dragons of Fate Review

    Thanks for the review. I am not sure this is the book or series for me, but now I know. Thanks!
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    Jonstown Review: A Rough Guide to Glamour

    Source books can be tricky to produce. At their best they provide a solid setting full of potential situations; at their worst they can be impenetrable text that doesn’t give up any of the setting's real secrets. A Rough Guide to Glamour lands among the former examples by providing a look into...
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    Arcadia #1 Review

    Role-playing magazines or zines are a fundamental means of communicating content throughout the history of the art. They touch the underground roots of the art and provide a discrete package of content. In itself, the content can range from pure aesthetics to something subversive and...
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    DMs Guild Roundup: March 2022

    Welcome back to our monthly DMs Guild Review! We have been away for a while but we are back and with a new look. Hope this finds you well and eager to check out what the community creators have to offer you. Let’s dive in. As always if you have some content of your own or that you find...
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    Black Sword Hack: First Impressions

    Do you like your sword-wielding sociopaths to be princes who are doomed to die? It is a popular theme in literature and in role-playing games, as is the eternal chaoskampf between the forces of Law and those of Chaos. The works of Michael Moorcock and his eternal champions are the oft-cited...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Legendary Adventures, Inferno, Trinity Continuum, and more

    Great stuff as always. Fly Softly looks trippy.
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    Entromancy: The Orchite Age - A Review

    Entromancy is a cyberpunk game using the 5E game engine that we have reviewed in a previous article. The creators reached out to let us know that there have been some supplements made for the game and did we want to take a look? Of course we said yes! Entromancy has been busy growing as a system...
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    Myths of the Jonstown Compendium

    That is the idea. We tested the waters last year and have a number of reviews and such on the way. Am hoping to highlight as many creators as possible.
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    Myths of the Jonstown Compendium

    Welcome to Myths of the Jonstown Compendium, the new and ongoing article to cover the Jonstown Compendium community content program. This is content that focuses on Chaosium’s Glorantha-related games, Questworld (formerly Heroquest) and Runequest. After our initial article, there was a great...
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    DMs Guild Roundup: February

    Welcome to this month’s DM Guild Roundup! We talk about what is hot and new on the DM’s Guild, as well as micro reviews of products sent to us or that we pick up. If you would like to see more of this or something different from the DM’s Guild Roundup, let us know. We are always open to...
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    D&D 5E [Updated with cover!] The D&D Book Is.... Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft!

    I am interested in how they are going to remove the overt racism and how they recapitulate the native folk. And will the other domains be interesting? I do not think this will be useful to me unless it has a legitimate framework for horror that can be expressed in worls other than Ravenloft.
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    The Gray Merchant of Asphodel Contains 100+ Magic Items For Theros

    Have you already picked up Mythic Odysseys of Theros and are wanting to dive into some content? Are you unsure about MOoT and are waiting to see what extra content springs up to support it? Well The Gallant Goblin has you covered with The Gray Merchant of Asphodel: 100+ Theros Magic Items! This...
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    D&D 5E 3 Of The Adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries

    The Canopic Being sounds interesting. I am interested to see the map on that one.
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    DMs Guild Roundup: December/January

    As we close out 2020, we wanted to offer up some last bits available for you on the DM’s Guild. In the coming year we will try and delve deeper into DM Guild offerings in more detail, with roundups and quick reviews and extras. As always if you have a product you would like reviewed, let us...
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    D&D 5E The March D&D Book Will Be Announced Next Tuesday

    A new setting would be great, but I suspect it is going to be a book that no one really wants.
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    Starfinder Review: We're No Heroes

    Great review. Do you think Starfinder can handle these themes or is the system not geared for adventures with nuance?
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    What Are Publishers Doing For New Gamemaster Month?

    This is great. I like how diverse the games are here and the approaches.
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    My Gaming Goals for 2021

    I want publish at least one if not more of my small designs. I want to write and publish more adventures and such across several of the content creation platforms. I want to run more indie designs and maybe (later in the year) a full fledged ALIEN rpg campaign.
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    Release BLACK SWORD HACK, basically Stormbringer/Hawkmoon meets the Black Hack

    Very cool, I am going to check this out.
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    Upcoming Arthurian Movie The Green Knight Has An RPG

    Is A24 publishing their own game?