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  1. WayneLigon

    What are you reading in 2024?

    Norylska Groans by Michael R. Fletcher - low-magic Russian-inspired industrial fantasy. Their magic consists of placing skills and personalities into stones that, when worn, give you that ability. It also comes with partial personality traits as well, so many users have a group of stones giving...
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  4. WayneLigon

    D&D 4E Let's Talk About 4E On Its Own Terms [+]

    I was with a group that tried 4E. We played about 8-10 sessions, I think? Maybe a little longer? I checked out of 4E forever the moment I hit "I punch a guy. I want to punch him again. Sorry, you can't punch him like that again until the next day/recharge/whatever".
  5. WayneLigon

    Doppel Is A Physical Digital Miniature!

    I didn't think mankind could come up with a stupider idea than NFT's until I saw this.
  6. WayneLigon

    What are you reading in 2024?

    Finally got around to reading Shards of Honor, by Lois McMaster Bujold - first novel in the Vorkosigan series. I started with The Warrior's Apprentice many years ago but never got around to reading the first book in the series until this week. Now working on 'Barrayar'.
  7. WayneLigon

    Spoilers X-Men '97 spoilers

    I was glad they went with a one-episode thing to introduce and then ditch one of my most hated characters in all of X-Men legendaria. Goodbye, Madeline, you will not be missed. We got that silliness out of the way.
  8. WayneLigon

    Not every piece of art you don't like was made by AI

    Kind of like how people scream 'Shopped!!' at every picture of a sunset, or call practical effects 'bad CGI'. (The CGI comments particularly get to me - you see CGI in virtually every TV show that has outside scenes in it, to remove extraneous or distracting visuals, or anything that might cost...
  9. WayneLigon

    has anyone seen any good non-headline movies?

    Refield, Last Voyage of the Demeter, Sisu, Becky, The Wrath of Becky, Cobweb, The Menu, The Cursed, Fresh, The Northman, barbarian, The Witch parts 1 and 2, The Cleansing Hour
  10. WayneLigon

    Grading the Burning Wheel System

    I played BW Classic twice - the first campaign where I was a roguish sort was a lot of fun, even if we did manage to collapse the Roman Empire and decided to ride East until we found people that didn't even know what Latin was. The second game was an unending grind because I tried to play a...
  11. WayneLigon

    What are you reading in 2024?

    Last several things I read: The White Ribbon and the Heart of the Night (The Signalverse) -- Nelson, Blake Michael - Nice sequel the previous White Ribbon book Cave 13 (Rogue Team International Series, 3) - Maberry, Jonathan - Excellent as always Saevus Corax Deals With the Dead (The Corax...
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    In general, in RPG's, I intensely dislike them because very, very seldom are they actually riddles - usually they are word games or manipulation puzzles of some sort.
  13. WayneLigon

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    We buy insurance. Hilarity Ensued.
  14. WayneLigon

    The Fantastic Four Casting and New Release Date Revealed by Marvel Studios

    Given all the turmoil in the Marvel camp right now, doing a major release like this in 18 months seems... unlikely. I hope we don't get another thing hyper-rushed into production because We Must Have Product In Quarter X.
  15. WayneLigon

    Your best live action Superman?

    I'll vote Tyler, but Brandon Routh was completely robbed of what should have been a career playing the Man of Steel by a shoddy script and an incompetent, distracted director.
  16. WayneLigon

    Who’s your best Batman?

    Pattison. Did not like any of the others, either as Batman or Bruce Wayne though I have a special sentimental spot for Adam West. 'The Batman' has so far been the only live action Batman I've liked, despite my problems with a few minor things. Add a good Robin and maybe I'll get a decent Batman...
  17. WayneLigon

    What are you reading in 2024?

    The White Ribbon Runs the Red Lights - Blake Michael Nelson - Part of his Signalverse series of short superhero novels. I saw a recommendation for this series from Lawrence Watt Evans and decided to check it out. This book appealed to me most, so I picked it up - most of the books are...
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  19. WayneLigon

    What is the single best science fiction novel of all time?

    The Mote in God's Eye, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Classic sci-fi era meets modern sci-fi, military adventurism, first-contact, space mystery - this has it all.
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