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  1. Haiku Elvis

    Simple, colorful mechanics to run a game for non-gamers?

    The into the Odd family of games nearly matches what you suggested. 3 stats - D20 roll under for checks but mainly used for saves to avoid badness. Actions generally work if sound within reason. No attack roll just roll damage. Damage dice vary from D4 to D12. When hp is exhausted remaining...
  2. Haiku Elvis

    Who are your favorite TTRPG reviewers?

    I'll second Quinns' Quest. I know it's new and only a couple of episodes in but I like the fact they are actual reviews not just game summaries and they are entertaining as well as informative. I would also nominate Between two Cairns podcast for weekly OSR adventure module reviews. Its Yochai...
  3. Haiku Elvis

    Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio

    Maybe they didn't want to throw away their shot.
  4. Haiku Elvis

    Memento Mori: A TTRPG about Dreams and Corruption

    I imagine it's quite hard to have a long campaign when your characters all start with the plague.
  5. Haiku Elvis

    Into the "Odd-like Games"

    Electric Bastionland I think is my favourite but I haven't been able to get a proper ongoing group going with in. It's one of my play goals this year. I'm in the Kickstarter for Mythic Bastionland as well so running that's probably my number 2 goal.
  6. Haiku Elvis

    Primary ways to dungeon crawl

    According to classic 1987 Dungeon crawling classic Gauntlet II the main archetypes needed for a dungeon crawl are Moses, He Man, Angry Swimsuit Model and Will Ferrell.
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  8. Haiku Elvis

    G/N/S epiphany

    tetrachromat in British English(ˌtɛtrəˈkrəʊmæt ) noun. a person or animal whose eyes contain four types of photoreceptor, and who can therefore see an unusually wide range of colours. Dear @the Jester please find an answer to your question. Sorry it took almost 20 years.
  9. Haiku Elvis

    How much does my giant weight?

    I think you're all missing the point. If this is a DnD based question doesn't the giants weight have to be measured in coins?
  10. Haiku Elvis

    Recurring silly comment about Apocalypse World and similar RPGs

    I do feel that if 90s trad gaming is the centre then the OSR veered off one way and fiction first games the other and while I don't think they came round quite full circle and met each other, as they clearly aren't the same thing. They definitely ended up close enough to see each other in the...
  11. Haiku Elvis

    What is, in your opinion, the single WORST RPG ever made, and why is it so bad?

    Erm .. er ...which systems do include boobies? ...just asking for a friend.
  12. Haiku Elvis

    OSR BECMI, how do you say it?

    I believe the usual spoken form outside of forums where the technical jargon proliferates was always - "You know Basic, Expert, the C One - Companion or Champion or whatever, and then the others,what were they called? we never got that far as we switched to AD&D, wasn't there one where you're...
  13. Haiku Elvis

    Graphic Design and the Aesthetics of Tabletop RPGs

    Congratulations you just funded!
  14. Haiku Elvis

    Mythic Bastionlands Into the Odd, Mythic Knightly rpg.

    I had exactly the same thing. I never go for the bells and whistles and fancy dice tiers but I'm just conditioned that they exist. It felt weirdly stunted and short.
  15. Haiku Elvis

    Palladium Announces New TMNT Kickstarter

    You weren't supposed to play it you were just supposed to sit down with your mates roll/make your character whilst trying to game the skills system so you got stupidly large bonuses to combat skills, damage and SDC and picked the coolest ninja weapons. By that point it was time for your mates...
  16. Haiku Elvis

    Peregrine's Nest: Taking Charge

    If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe...
  17. Haiku Elvis

    Has anyone tried to explain the ahistorical features of the standard fantasy setting in-universe?

    No but he does provide circumstancial evidence for large thieves organisations as he clearly thought all the monasteries' gold and silver needed moving to his vaults for safekeeping.
  18. Haiku Elvis

    Unpopular opinions go here

    Yeah some witches keep the fat on. Not everyone wants the low calorie option you know. #saynotobodyshaming.
  19. Haiku Elvis

    Unpopular opinions go here

    I would have agreed with Superman II until I watched it again a few years ago. It was clear they were pushing the limits of the special effects for the time and they don't hold up well compared to the original. Also I felt the story/script hadn't held up but I can't remember details. I think...
  20. Haiku Elvis

    Unpopular opinions go here

    Despite the above. I'll add this. The thing about minimalist games is not I think there is anything wrong with them - I like fairly rules lite games, but I think the support they offer to run them can be lacking. A lot have principles of play but some just seem like a list of motivational...