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  1. Maxboy

    D&D Increases Its Lead In Orr Groups Q3 2015 Report

    I'm still amazed at how many 3.5 players are still about :)
  2. Maxboy

    Congratulations to the 2015 ENnies Award Winners!

    I heard on twitter, that some people walked out of the ceremony? is that true
  3. Maxboy

    Congratulations to the 2015 ENnies Award Winners!

    Congrats mate, well deserved
  4. Maxboy

    D&D 5E I think we can safely say that 5E is a success, but will it lead to a new Golden Era?

    are there seriously people who want 5th Edition to fail?,:erm: i'm getting such good vibes locally for it
  5. Maxboy

    D&D 5E Hoard of the Dragon Queen Maps

    I haven't kept up with the Realms lately... did they change Silverymoon to Silvemoon? on the FR map
  6. Maxboy

    This is my new all-time favorite monster book (13th Age Bestiary)

    Wasn't the Redcap designed by our very own Kevin (Piratecat) Kulp?
  7. Maxboy

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheet Revealed!

    We still do that in 2014, actually last friday night
  8. Maxboy

    Penny Arcade Podcast with Mike Mearls

    Can i have a Citation for this, or is this you guessing
  9. Maxboy

    D&D 4E Would you still play 4e?

    My Gaming club around 20 ppl, will continue to play 4e, maybe if NEXT offers something new we can't get with the game we have now, i see no reason to stop playing 4e
  10. Maxboy

    Monsters with spell lists is not a good sign

    Probably a good thing monsters and Pc's arent following the same building procedure in 5e
  11. Maxboy

    Have you heard about the "Pathfinder Online Technology Demo" Kickstarter?

    They are asking people to eat their entrepreneurial risk of failure.
  12. Maxboy

    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    All i see is people making this a 3e vs 4e.... there are more editions of D&D than just those two and i would love all of them considered, in how this new edition is shaped
  13. Maxboy

    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    Man your fast - will be interesting to find out what happened, maybe a difference of where he wanted DNDnext to go
  14. Maxboy

    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    Well this will make an interesting day on the DND internets That's pretty big news
  15. Maxboy

    Where is this character portrait from?

    That's Ioun's Symbol if that helps
  16. Maxboy

    I don't get the dislike of healing surges

    This needs to be re-posted. its more about the Healing Surges as a Resource than hit points I love the Resource pool that is Healing Surges
  17. Maxboy

    What's stopping WOTC from going back to 3.5?

    I find it funny that any poll or data point, that does not fit into a persons narrative of how well their "edition" is doing, is patently false, and can't be trusted.
  18. Maxboy

    We have 99 Heroes of Neverwinter beta keys to give away

    Catching the sea breeze white wings glide above the waves. Seagulls soar... Freedom!
  19. Maxboy

    So I stepped on a gnome

    Amateur.. in my day it was d4's underfoot, sending you to the ER all seriousness , they bloody hurt hope it gets better