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  1. pogre

    What TTRPGs have the best tactical combat rules?

    Millennium's End (2nd Edition) - every single decision matters in this system. It's a little too detailed and cumbersome for my tastes, but still have some fond memories of running it.
  2. pogre

    Which team will win Super Bowl LVIII?

    KC wins. It will be close. KC DL losses will give the 49ers a chance. MVP - Isiah Pacheco KC uses G-T and RPOs to take advantage of an aggressive niner front.
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    D&D General Why Isn't There a D&D Table Top Miniatures War Game?

    I cannot find a way to ventilate a space properly,
  4. pogre

    D&D General Why Isn't There a D&D Table Top Miniatures War Game?

    It's the chemicals keeping me out of resin printing right now.
  5. pogre

    D&D 5E How do you award XP and how often?

    I typically award XP at the end of a D&D session. Most of the XP is for defeating foes, which makes sense, because our D&D game is combat heavy. I have a bit of rotating cast, so I make sure everyone is one the same tier at least. I also give a "catch-up bonus" - the top level character gets...
  6. pogre

    Are you ready for some Football (Americano)!

    I think we will see Raven and 49ers in the SB. 2013 all over again. I personally am cheering for the Lions and the KC Chiefs. The Lions because of their sad modern history. The Chiefs because I have a couple of friends on that coaching staff.
  7. pogre

    D&D General Fifty Years

    Happy belated birthday! I first played over the Thanksgiving holiday with my cousins in 1974. They were a little older, but I think my fighter was slain by a vampire! I do remember our characters were on file cards and my cousin, the DM, rolled all the dice. I was certainly hooked though...
  8. pogre

    Your TTRPG Design Principles?

    I am likely the only one that had to look this up, but just in case - SAD stands for Single Ability-Score Dependent; MAD stands for Multiple Ability-Score Dependent.
  9. pogre

    Your TTRPG Design Principles?

    My youngest son and I have written some home RPG rules that we are using in our current campaign. The organization is a train wreck, much of the game is derivative, and in short it's a glorious mess. But, we are having a lot of fun. We came up with some design principles for our game: 1...
  10. pogre

    What is, in your opinion, the single WORST RPG ever made, and why is it so bad?

    I cannot think of an RPG I have run or played that would fall into the worst rpg ever made. I do know my group bounced HARD off of WFRP 3e. It did not match expectations more than being a "bad" or poorly designed game. It was a forerunner of the highly successful StarWars game - so it clearly...
  11. pogre

    RPG Evolution: My Gaming Goals for 2024

    I live out in the country. We have lots of animals, including our beloved mutt!
  12. pogre

    RPG Evolution: My Gaming Goals for 2024

    My goal is to keep my weekly gaming group going through this summer. My youngest child leaves for college this fall and then I am going to take a break. I have been running a weekly game pretty much since the release of 3rd edition D&D. The last eighteen years of having my kids involved has kept...
  13. pogre

    D&D General Why Isn't There a D&D Table Top Miniatures War Game?

    Even the market leader, GW, gave up on fantasy mass combat miniatures games for the last six years. I am excited by the initial success of Old World, but we'll see if it is successful long term. It's a little tougher to incorporate D&D style magic into a mass combat game too. Not saying it...
  14. pogre

    D&D 5E Does/Should D&D Have the Player's Game Experience as a goal?

    Many have pointed out that the title of the thread is nonsensical. Guilty. Other have stated it's not clear what I am getting or advocating. True. It is a ramble of half-thoughts intended to spark a conversation. I'll try to craft posts more carefully and thought-out in the future. I had been...
  15. pogre

    D&D 5E Do we need a Fifth Edition Revival (5ER)?

    I have enjoyed 5e a great deal over the years. I am in wait-and-see mode on the new rules. I guess I'm largely in agreement with @Clint_L , not because of the digital offerings, but because of the ease of recruiting new people. I mostly want To thank the O.P. @M.T. Black for posting the content...
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    D&D General Plagiarised D&D art

  17. pogre

    D&D 5E Does/Should D&D Have the Player's Game Experience as a goal?

    One possible design consideration for games is to consider what do you want the player’s experience to be. I am not sure that has ever been directly stated in D&D aside from the very general - create a memorable story about their adventures. Maybe that’s enough - I don’t know. I would argue...
  18. pogre

    D&D 5E Using "D&D 2024" instead of "5e24"

    I like 'bro24. It's the Hasbro version of D&D. It does not cede all of 5e or all of D&D to Hasbro. Besides, it has a nice Chad ring to it - that's perfect for X, Reddit, etc.
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    D&D General One Less Warlock

    I am so sorry.
  20. pogre

    Your Favorite Weird Game- Time To Talk About the Weirdest RPGs You Know!

    De Profundis - I'm tempted to say it is not even a game. However, it is a game where you write each other strange letters (old fashioned paper and ink and stamp Letters) and embrace a horror theme. The rulebook had all kinds of warnings about not being suitable for people with mental problems...