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  1. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Campaign of Anti-Heroes

    Most of my games are run with this kind of playerbase, so I'm quite familiar with it. The one thing I've encountered is to ensure that the characters either have a strong connection and loyalty to one another or to a specific cause. If that cause is something as selfish is "getting rich", it...
  2. [OMENRPG]Ben

    [Game Design] Rule Book Organization

    What are your thoughts regarding book organization for player actions? To clarify, in a single-book system (no separation between PHB or DMG) would you prefer a list of defined actions with their rules and terms spelled out in the Player section of the book or in the Game Master section? The...
  3. [OMENRPG]Ben

    New to Gaming- Need some help

    You're getting the gist of it Heartofvalor , but I think you're missing out on some of the more typical uses. Generally a game system uses as few different dice mechanics as possible (there are exceptions) to help simplify things mathematically. As a system designer myself, I know that ideally...
  4. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Skyping In

    That should be fine. If you have a decent quality camera, the player should be able to see adequately.
  5. [OMENRPG]Ben

    In-game achievements/badges

    I tend to shy away from meta-game awards like this, but there is definitely a draw for accomplishing certain silly things. If you're doing some deep, political noir game, I say doing whatever you can to increase the fun is worth it. Since the dawn of shooters that have RPG elements (a la Call of...
  6. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Skyping In

    I've done it both ways, Skyping/video conferencing in to an existing group and having a player skyped into my group. I've also done entirely skype games, as many of my company's employees are international. Does it work? Sure. Does it work really well? Not in my experience. The biggest...
  7. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Running a campaign in a large city

    I think trying to focus on all of the little details is distracting. I've sort of specialized in GMing city games over the years, playing in Sigil, a few home-brewed cities (from low to high fantasy) and quite a lot of sci-fi cities, including Coruscant (a planet-sized city) and some of my own...
  8. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Modern RPG settings with a ton of fluff?

    If you don't care much for rules, what is stopping you from using real world fluff? If you want a very rules light game I recommend Dread.
  9. [OMENRPG]Ben

    New party: tavern or backstory?

    I generally discuss with the group what they prefer. Do they want to know each other? Are they related or friendly? Are they colleagues or work in the same organization? If most everyone is along the lines of "lemme alone, I wanna be my own guy" then I let that go. But I will ask (read: insist)...
  10. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Favorite Simple GM Plots

    If there is an organized military, religion, kingdom, that the group belongs to, they can simply be hired based upon their reputation. This requires the perception of the campaign that level 1 PCs are already relatively prominent in local areas, or start higher than level 1. I typically prefer...
  11. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Can a FLGS be TOO friendly?

    This is completely normal for retail. Did they have microphones and radios/ walky talkies? Probably not. If they didn't, they had little to no opportunity to give the "all clear" over the radio to the people working in different departments. If it was a slow day and they were somewhat...
  12. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Input for starting a Star Wars Saga Edition game?

    Quickleaf that is also correct from my point of view, although really the only characters who should be "hitting" anything with skills are Jedi or computer users. As far as heavy weapons proficiency and everything for ship combat, I still allow the players to use teh weapons even if they don't...
  13. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Input for starting a Star Wars Saga Edition game?

    Yeah I pretty much agree with Umbran if you're trying to keep the power creep down to a minimum. Era plus the class books is probably fine, as typically I've allowed talents from almost every book as long as it made sense for the character to have. Right, 35 not 30. But with force points, still...
  14. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Slack Player

    Try to see what reasons the non-engaged player is completely uninterested. Maybe s/he is doing this as some sort of power play in the group dynamic because s/he doesn't like the character they created or the game that is being played. As a guy who has 50+ players chomping at the bit to run in...
  15. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Input for starting a Star Wars Saga Edition game?

    I'm a long time Saga player and GM, and I've had a blast with it. Over the years, I've made a good chunk of house rules and on-the-fly decisions, and I think Saga is pretty forgiving for these types of things. I would get as many of the books as possible if only for the available Talents...
  16. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Why are people not interested in RPG?

    This runs entirely against my experience. Perhaps it is the setting or the way in which you are approaching younger gamers, but as a 20-something game designer and publisher, my customer base and playtesters thus far are all under 30. All of them. Shows like Adventure Time, which are basically...
  17. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Starting a new campaign (integrating sandbox and metaplot - mutually exclusive?)

    A lot of video games do this, actually. Some, such as Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games, are excellently done. RDR feels very much like a sandbox (with lots of open-ended quests and challenges, and literally you can go anywhere you want) but a very obvious and intentional meta-plot. I'll...
  18. [OMENRPG]Ben

    'Primitive' campaign adventure seeds?

    Weather played a huge role in most primitive cultures on earth, and therefore I see no reason why it couldn't be a cool way to incite movement/adventure between these tribesman. Perhaps a large volcano erupts, covering the land in darkness, which causes the animals and plants to die and the...
  19. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Next generation of table top?

    There seems to be some good ideas here, and as a fellow game designer, I hope that you find success. Welcome to EN World, there are a lot of opinion leaders here and a lot that can be learned simply by talking to some of the more experienced posters. Currently, a lot of people are discussing...
  20. [OMENRPG]Ben

    Highly detailed PC personalities?

    I spoke about it not too long ago on another post, but I've been developing a "personality sheet" for my characters in OMEN. Basically it is tiered (like everything in the OMEN system) and has a small dose of mechanical impact but is mostly used as a guide to keep players in character. At the...