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    Adam Rich, who voiced Presto the Magician in the 80s D&D cartoon, has died. R.I.P. Presto
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    Harassment At PaizoCon 2017

    It's likewise interesting that someone at FGG chose to label the post addressing the sexual harassment at a convention as "Response from Frog God Games to events on social media." Talk about misleading: It makes it sound like the incident itself happened on social media...just another internet...
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    Which team will win Super Bowl 50?

    I'm a Patriots fan, and I'm getting the same feeling I got when the Pats lost to the Broncos two seasons back...maybe it's a good thing the Pats aren't going to the Super Bowl against that NFC buzzsaw. I didn't think the Panthers could dismantle the Cardinals so easily (or run up the score so...
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    A Thought on Kylo Ren

    I think Kylo Ren wasn't always evil...he became that way after hanging around for too many years with his fat, bloated, idiotic sidekick, Kylo Stimpy.
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    Worst D&D Joke Ever

    Well, I’ve been away from EN World for a while and haven’t posted anything in ages, but I’ve been trying to keep busy. I’ve (nearly) finished the initial draft of my first humor-heavy fantasy novel, but while I was writing that I also came up with what might be the worst D&D joke ever. This may...
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    Do grognards have to be jerks?

    Re: the Red Dragon cartoon.... Maybe it's just me, but I look at that cartoon as a satire of the gaming community at that time. What I get out of it is that extremists on both sides are basically inconsequential and bring nothing productive to the community. I don't see how the makers could...
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    Monster Manual IV's Mermaidon

    Heh, I really thought your idea was going to be the top half of a mermaid on the body of a megalodon.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Warlock's "Cocoon of Refuse"...Range?

    I'm working up an NPC Warlock for my game tonight and thought that the "Cocoon of Refuse" invocation (Cityscape, p. 68) would be perfect, as the action's currently taking place in a ramshackle port town. The description makes it sound like a ranged attack...but I see no range given in the...
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    "Oh my God--they killed Keamy!! You bastards!" And to quote the little guy from my avatar: "Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!" Seriously, though...the actor who plays Keamy is so easily hateable. Just that smarmy smile and the evil Vinny Barbarino voice. It was also nice to see Mikhail...
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    Eh...not sure I'm liking (or getting) this Island = Cork thing. Just how effective was the "cork" when Ben moved the island through time and/or space? And how effective is it sitting at the bottom of the ocean in "flash sideways" time?
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    What Would You Like to See in a Pirate Campaign Setting

    Got over Claire from "Lost" in a hurry, eh? Or are you starting a harem? ;) Arrr!! A good pirate can't get him enough booty!
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    Yes, absolutely. Just as there's a less substantial difference between killing in self-defense (Sun), a mercy killing (Jack), and feeling responsible for deaths that you may or may not have caused accidentally (Hurley's collapsed balcony incident that landed him in the loony bin). But there ARE...
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    Technically, Sun shot and killed that Other woman who tried to hijack Desmond's sailboat while she was hiding on it (Season...3?). And in Season 1, it was strongly implied that Jack finished the job after Sawyer's horrifically failed attempt to shoot the marshall and put him out of his misery...
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    Well, if I can have Kate I'll give ya Claire ;) I find it very interesting that Claire has seemingly stepped into Rousseau's old boots as the crazy survivalist lady trying to get her missing baby back from the Others. Some points/questions/parallels I've got: Rousseau's electric torturing...
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    Another "blame it on D&D" story

    There may be hope for us! Ms. Sweet is now linking the crazy lady to author John Irving: Slay suspect’s mom a cousin to John Irving - Yeah...let's blame this all on the Irving DNA!
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    I've been wondering myself if we'd see them again. It looked to me like Cindy (the stewardess) had perhaps risen a few rungs on the Others' power ladder; she certainly didn't look like she'd just popped back out of the late 70s. It seems that the island's "record skipping" time jumps didn't...
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    The beginning of the end is tonight. Anyone still interested? Last year, I believe one thread sufficed to cover the whole of Season 5, not individual episode threads, so I'm putting this up now. For me...this is probably the least excited I've been for a season premiere. Not sure if I've...
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    UK Gamers: WWDDGD is 19 September!

    Wow--WWDDGD and International Talk Like a Pirate Day on the same date! How cool is that? :D
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    Cooking: Simple ramen noodle recipes

    I'm not very inventive with my ramen noodles, but when my local stores stopped selling the cajun chicken flavor I switched to regular chicken flavor, threw out half the stuff in the flavoring packet, and added a quick shake of ground red cayenne pepper to give it some zing. Not as good as the...
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    Why No Lost?

    Another thing to consider: would the island have allowed Locke to kill himself? (Remember Michael's failed attempts.) My guess: Yeah, maybe. Especially if the island had already decided it would bring him back from the dead.