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    Can human arcane spellcasters wear armour?

    Given how vanishingly little attention is paid to armor in most books, I'm not sure this question can be divorced from ideas of game balance. It's like asking whether or not it's well-flavored for wizards to eat pie. Most authors writing books that aren't based on dessert-eating simulators just...
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    Playtest: The Druid (merged)

    As I recall, it specifically states that you can't use the properties or powers of weapons when you're in beast form, and your equipment becomes part of your body when you merge, except that you drop everything except implements you can use. One could try to argue that staves are an implement...
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    Longsword Finesse bummer

    Hmm- that is true. Looks like it's going to require a more exotic combo to justify in that case.
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    Longsword Finesse bummer

    No, you can't- warlocks can't use rapiers as implements, but they can use Pact Swords if they're Eladrin.
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    Longsword Finesse bummer

    I'm expecting to see double sword get nerfed down a measure. It's awfully good for just about every non-ranger TWFer.
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    Longsword Finesse bummer

    Not necessarily. In 4e, you really can't just spend all your feats on damage. There are a limited number of ways to boost damage with feats, and once you have them, that's it. HBO and the heavy blade feats are impressive by themselves, but this also enables some exotic builds: Eladrin infernal...
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    Cloudkill... Really?

    I'd say that Cloudkill's fine. If a wizard wins init, he's just automatically erased every minion in an 11x11 square. The damage is also low enough that 19th level PCs can reasonably have gear that soaks all or most of it, letting them fight in the middle of the zone. Big blasts have their...
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    When did I stop being WotC's target audience?

    Except that they did. They just didn't fix it in a way that satisfied you. They fixed it in a way that they presumed would pull in the optimal number of old hands and new players. Whether they're right or wrong about that is something that still needs a couple years to shake out, but for me at...
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    Ability Score Blues

    I can't see how a +1 to hit isn't going to get completely lost in the noise of a well-coordinated party. If your warlord's winding up to throw a Lead the Attack on the solo BBEG, your party shouldn't be plinking at the bad guy, they should be doing Aid Another actions to make dead certain that...
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    Is this magical item balanced?

    The Wintertouched/Lasting Frost rogue/TWF ranger would disagree about the value of having frost damage on-command. Feat combos of equal succulence for other energy types may not exist yet, but given the progress of things, I'm sure they'll be along. Psychic, force, thunder, and cold all have...
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    Cadfan's Comments on Everything 4e

    I'd be leery of gimping the wizard's ability to tear up minions- the fact that he can do so is one of the major perks of the class. The more you downplay minions, the more you downplay the wizard. As for four minions not being worth one regular monster, I'd say it depends on the minion. Those...
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    Defenders aren't very good at defending?

    I don't really see the problem with high AC on defenders. Do you tell all the PCs the defense scores of each of their enemies? The monsters have no reason to know that Joe has a worse AC than Jack, and thanks to Int bonii to AC, the guy in a dress in the back row is very probably as hard to hit...
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    Sept 2nd News - I wont be doing Scales of War

    You know, I don't remember people being outraged that WotC wasn't providing a 1-30 campaign outline for the plotline started in KotS. The H/P/E sequence of modules are intended for sequential play, yet I don't remember people taking umbrage at the lack of a full depiction of events in an H1...
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    How will the Tempest fighter and the Ranger differ?

    Looks pretty cosmetic to me. The math I've seen so far suggests that a TWF fighter will end up doing slightly more damage than a sword-and-boarder at the cost of slightly worse AC, but he'll still have better AC than a two-hander and slightly worse damage. Role-wise, this isn't going to change a...
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    Sept 2nd News - I wont be doing Scales of War

    Ah. The sound of umbrage being taken at the flavor of the free ice cream. Admittedly, none of us have paid a dime for the material we've got so far. And admittedly, WotC isn't doing anything but indicating that they don't plan on creating a product supplement that some people feel is mandatory...
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    Farewell to thee D&D

    So in brief, the fact that 3e wizards were vastly more powerful than 3e non-spellcasters is a crucial point for your satisfaction? And there's no reasonable way a wizard can aspire to a leadership position due to powers that are... now exactly the same scale as every other class? These positions...
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    Farewell to thee D&D

    I suspect it has to do with the way that magic is a codified deus ex machina for most fantasy fiction. When things look blackest for Our Heroes, it's the magic-user who saves their bacon. They do this because the author has no earthly hope of pulling it off any other way. To paraphrase another...
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    4th Edition made a great Paladin...

    Divine Challenge damage is small, yes- but at what point does a fighter's OA against a marked enemy start doing the same amount of damage on average? They both have the same "-2 to hit anybody but me" effect to discourage enemies from swinging elsewhere, and radiant damage resistance isn't...
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    Force Orb versus Object

    Why bother targeting the ground beneath the ally- target the square above him. Unless you want to argue that you can't fire Force Orb at an empty square, that'll serve your purpose perfectly well. The game does exist in three dimensions, even if the mapboard may not cooperate well in showing that.
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    4E Economy Question: Apologies Upfront

    Look over the ten loot packages you eventually plan to give them over the course of the level, pick one made up of coinage, and give them that. Dungoneering assistance ain't turnip farming, so it can be assumed to be a handsome rate of pay compared to others.