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    Free name generator - JH NameGen Gold

    I'm not sure how many of you remember my old random name generator, JH NameGen Gold. It was around in the 2003-2004 timeframe and got a lot of downloads from RPGNow. It has been off the market for a few years, but I recently decided to put it back up on my website as a free download. It's no...
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    Quest for Glory

    Every once in a while, I still fire up Hero's Quest I (the original name for Quest For Glory). Awesome game, and even though the graphics are primitive by today's standards, they still have a charm that can't be beat. Hey, remember the old "razzle dazzle rootbeer" code?
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    Mac users - Check out my new name generator widget

    Fixed version is out on the website. It was a font issue that has now been resolved. Thanks for your help!
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    Mac users - Check out my new name generator widget

    Hmmm... Could you possibly email me a screen shot of that? I can't get it to do that on mine. :\ If you can, please email me at webmaster <AT> jhanson <DOT> com.
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    Mac users - Check out my new name generator widget

    Hello Mac users, I am proud to announce my first ever Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X Tiger. It is the Fantasy Names generator. You can download it for free from my website. Please check it out and let me know what you think of it. Some of you might remember my now-defunct JH NameGen program...
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    Can A Cat CLose an Open Door?

    My cat regularly opens and closes doors, cupboards, drawers, and the lid to the trashcan. While none of the interior doors in my house would qualify as heavy wooden doors, he is rather small for a full-grown cat, weighing only 8 pounds, and moves these medium weight doors with ease. On a...
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    Half-orc brother and half-elf sister?

    A harsh orcish stepmother would give a frail and pretty young half-elf quite an inferiority complex. Enough of a complex, even, to train harder than anyone has ever trained before, making herself into a very powerful, highly technically skilled warrior, albeit with some insecurities. Her half...
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    They're remaking Get Smart now

    I'm holding out for a movie remake of Sledge Hammer.
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    What's your favorite Superhero movie?

    I would have to say The Crow, as it's the only one I own on DVD. I used to own Blade, but I got sick of it and traded it in. As for the others... Superman: The Movie (1978) - saw it ages ago, but don't really remember it Superman II - saw it ages ago, but don't really remember it Batman...
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    Fantastic Fantastic Four?

    WTF? All I said was that I thought the trailer made it look so bad that I no longer want to see it. Misquoting me with typos and crap was uncalled for. EDIT: Added to ignore list.
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    Fantastic Fantastic Four?

    Personally, from what I saw in the trailers, I think it looks like crap. I'll probably never see it, unless by accident, ike if it's playing on a plane I'm stuck on, or something.
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    Top Loading NES?

    I wouldn't call it far superior. It had inferior picture quality, and lacked RCA outputs, if I remember correctly.
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    I admit I was wrong about American Dad

    I didn't see the pilot, but I saw the first episode. It sucked. That was the last episode I will watch. I didn't find any of the jokes or characters even mildly entertaining.
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    Who's got HD TV?

    I have a TV that's capable of displaying HD, but I rarely watch it so I haven't upgraded my cable from the basic package. I wouldn't have purchased the stupid thing in the first place, but my other TV got struck by lightning. I wish I had downgraded to a smaller size, but the room it's in is...
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    Which one doesn't suck?

    And by the way, your analogy sucks. It would be more like if The Two Towers had the same exact storyline as FotR, but added some pretty illustrations.
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    Which one doesn't suck?

    Jeez, I don't know... maybe some improvements of some sort. OK, so the graphics were better. BFD. I thought maybe they'd get rid of some of the fedex quests, and add in something with more flavor. Or expand on some of the fun parts of Daggerfall, like lycanthropy or the various weird places...
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    Xbox versus PS2 for the discerning adult

    What kinds of games do you like? I've got a PS2 and I probably play it once every two to three months. My girlfriend plays it more that I do, as she likes DDR. The most played games I have for it are the DDR ones, Grand Theft Auto: 3 and Vice City (not bothering with San Andreas), and a...
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    I love Firefox!

    I liike Firefox a lot. My only complaint is how the address bar works when you try to highlight things.
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    Who's getting a PSP?

    Not me! I'd rather get a handheld that has decent battery life. I won't name it, as you want to keep comparisons to a minimum.DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS
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    Tell me about your DVD collection!

    Here's my list. A few of them are for sale if you want them. I'll mark them with a $. Email me at webmaster AT jhanson DOT com if you want them. Army of Darkness Austin Powers Blair Witch Project Clerks Clerks: The Animated Series Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Crow, The Dazed and Confused...