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    Archfey Pact of the Chain Warlock Build

    We tend to stick to published classes, except for the revised ranger. This character is super fun to play, especially using Mask of Many Faces and my sprite's ability to detect emotions and alignment while interacting with suspicious NPC's. I've played a gnome illusionist in three campaigns...
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    Archfey Pact of the Chain Warlock Build

    Hello, everyone! I have a build that I wanted to share with everyone to get feedback on. In my current game my DM has a house rule that gives everyone an extra feat at level 1 and his familiar can equip certain magic items. I think this build still could work even if I didn't have the extra...
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    D&D 5E Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!

    Bard 18 Cleric 10 Druid 11 Fighter 19 Monk 6 - 2 = 4. Asian fantasy BTFO Paladin 14 Rogue 19 Warlock 19 Wizard 20 +1 = 21. Activate God-Mode.