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  1. Wippit Guud

    Looking for someone from Silverthorne Games

    Their recently-resurrected homepage doesn't have any contact info. Once upon a time, I co-wrote a 3.0 supplement that, while advertised, never saw the light of day. (Here Be Goblins!, if anyone is wondering). Wanted to know if I could somehow get a copy of the PDF and the cover art for it, but...
  2. Wippit Guud

    Challenge Rating: 5

    And the first installment with be someone who takes Rogue to a higher level of combat prowress. Grryip Blink Dog Rogue 3 Medium Magical Beast Hit Dice: 4d10 plus 3d6 (36 hp) Initiative: +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares) Armor Class: 14 (+4 Dex, +3 natural)...
  3. Wippit Guud

    Challenge Rating: 5

    In the tradition of Blackdirge, I'm starting up a thread of creatures, but with a catch. He's doing the big stuff, I'm doing the little guys. Everyone in this thread will be CR 5. Hopefully, I can pull it off as well as he can :)
  4. Wippit Guud

    Unseen Servant

    A) Are they literate? Or, at the least write what someone says (saves the writers cramp) B) What languages would they understand if A applies?
  5. Wippit Guud

    Vow of Pve- err Vow of Peace

    You mean be a... tree hugger?
  6. Wippit Guud

    Vow of Pve- err Vow of Peace

    Vow of Peace, loosely translated, means you can only do subdual damage to living thing. Nonliving things (undead and contructs) you can do regular damage. So, being only able to inflict subdual damage, someone with that vow is completely powerless against plants.
  7. Wippit Guud

    Choose to do nonlethal damage...

    I was basically looking it it, applying towards Vow of Nonviolence.
  8. Wippit Guud

    Choose to do nonlethal damage...

    Well, I'm apparantly gonna answer my own question... the exalted feat Holy Subdual will convert holy bonus damage into nonlethal damage, implying it couldn't be chosen voluntarily without the feat.
  9. Wippit Guud

    Choose to do nonlethal damage...

    Well, it being the rules forum, I looking for the rule... personally, I'd be hard-pressed to allow it, but certain character who gain benefits from it (Justicar, Vow of Peace), I might allow it. But, letter-of-the-rule is a good starting spot.
  10. Wippit Guud

    Choose to do nonlethal damage...

    Can you choose for enhancements such as flaming to deal nonlethal damage?
  11. Wippit Guud

    extended running for animals

    Use mount spells
  12. Wippit Guud

    No more "fluff"!!! [A rant and a request]

    "I like fluffy!" - Stitch
  13. Wippit Guud

    Complete Warrior: Who's the best warrior of the bunch?

    What, no vote for Hexblade? 5 levels qualifies you for Dreagon Disciple, without needing to take a spellcasting class. About time we got a class like that.
  14. Wippit Guud

    Ride by attack - What can the mount do?

    The mount can do anything it can normally do with a charge action... usually just its promary attack.
  15. Wippit Guud

    Nasty Traps, Dire Consequences

    Super glue and a rainbow clown wig... wait, that's been done... Could put in a decent magical weapon, but give it a mundane defense mechanism like the sword Blade has... that'll take off a hand fairly easily. I suppose the "Head of Vecna" is a bit too much? :)
  16. Wippit Guud

    Spring Attack vs. Reach

    "Moving in this way does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the defender you attack, though it might provoke attacks of opportunity from other creatures, if appropriate." Doesn't say reach bypasses that.
  17. Wippit Guud

    Atoning a Vampire?

    Oh I just discovered something messy.... Shadowdancer PrC: Summon Shadow (Su): At 3rd level, a shadowdancer can summon a shadow, an undead shade. Unlike a normal shadow, this shadow’s alignment matches that of the shadowdancer... Lawful Good Shadowdancer... Lawful Good shadow. Shows up on...
  18. Wippit Guud

    (yet another) Vow of Poverty and Intelligent items

    "Oh ye of impovirished exaltedness.... I ask of you to go to <insert temple here> and recover <insert mythical weapn here> so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands." So, if he can't touch it....
  19. Wippit Guud

    (yet another) Vow of Poverty and Intelligent items

    So, how does this work... An item is intelligent. It has it's own will. The item, of it's own volition, choosing for the character with a VoP to use it, but explicity says it is a free-willed item, and is not owned. Almost like being a cohort. Is that allowed? Alternately, what happens...
  20. Wippit Guud

    Question on Flame Blade...

    people eith enery sub sonic are just cheap Guilde ripoffs. - Sonic BOOM!