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  1. just__al

    IF a PDFs of the 3 core books were leaked, would you:

    I would download and have a read through or 3. It would help me get ready for a 4th edition game when the books ship. I wouldn't play between now and then. The new edition came at the perfect time. I needed a break, and needed, just for a few months anyway to stop buying gaming books. I...
  2. just__al

    Building an undead Treant - Suggestions?

    And this whole time I thought you parleyed your success in founding this board into a cushy publishing job... :o
  3. just__al

    Building an undead Treant - Suggestions?

    Don't you publish Pathfinder? What a shill :p Thanks. I'll have to check it out.
  4. just__al

    Building an undead Treant - Suggestions?

    I'm trying to build an undead Treant for a freaky kind of encounter. The players have encountered a normal treant in the past (Helpful) Sargasso Sentenials from Sandstorm (Think Cactus Treants) who were hostiles turned neutral by the end of the encounter and now since they are facing off...
  5. just__al

    Greatest Moment While DMing

    The scenario was that the party was helping defend a town that was under constant attack by a cult of necromancers. The town had a church bell, if rang, would increase your effective cleric level by 20 for the purposes of turning and rebuking undead. The cult needed to carefully remove it...
  6. just__al

    Why WILL you switch?

    Where else are you going to get a random streetwalker encounter table.
  7. just__al

    How would you like this as a player...

    There are 5 players, the "guards" are a fighter focused on archery, a TWF ranger, a favored soul, a sorceror, and a rogue. I've been careful to make feat choices that aren't off the wall and familiar to the players, same thing for spells of the spell casters. Also this is maybe a cr -1 or CR...
  8. just__al

    How would you like this as a player...

    They've actually been interrupted once (and only once) having their heroes feast. So they know something like this could happen to them... Besides, as long as one defender survives, the players are fine...
  9. just__al

    How would you like this as a player...

    We've set aside a 12 hour session instead of our normal 3 for next saturday.. This will be just a quick side trip of an encounter... I don't think it will take too much away from everything..
  10. just__al

    How would you like this as a player...

    Here's the scenario. The party is currently astrally projecting to the well... Astral Plane. Allies are guarding their bodies. The party made no efforts to disguise/misdirect their plans and efforts and assassin's are now attacking. The next session starts with "Meanwhile back on the prime...
  11. just__al

    Stun/Paralysis effects

    We had a gaming session where the party faced off against a druid that knew somewhat what the party was about. The party had earlier faced off against his lessers and the party sorceress sent half of them home blind and the other half home in a bag. The druid opened the fight with Baleful...
  12. just__al

    D&D 4E Which old setting would you like to see revamped for 4E?

    I voted greyhawk simply because it was my first world setting and I only get one vote :mad: I would have also voted for Al-Quadin, Dark Sun and spell Jammer...
  13. just__al

    What's the big deal about gnomes not being in the PHB? **Edited for adversarial tone*

    I'm pretty sure New Coke existed just to take everybody's attention away from the fact that they stopped making coke with sugar and switched to High Fructrose Corn Surup :(
  14. just__al

    D&D 3E/3.5 How do you plan to end your 3E campaign?

    My first 3.5 campaign involved Rakshasa coming to the world and replacing all the city state leaders, fracturing off all the communities and starting their own little game of Rakshasa risk for the right to weild a Rakshsa artifact. That campain ended "off screen" with a near TPK but the...
  15. just__al

    D&D 4E 4E Exotic Weapons?

    I think a bonus to perform (weapon drill) would be appropriate, but not actually fighting against the foreign weapon. Sure it's kind of impressive to see somebody go all kung-fu with a pair of nunchuks (sp?) but they still fight like a flail and you already know how to defend against flailing...
  16. just__al

    D&D 4E DMs--Are you ending your campaign for 4e?

    Coincidentally, both of the campaign's I'm running are nearing their end. I'm not planning on ending them because of 4e but the plates will be clear. Besides, we rotate DMs and I'd like to get on the easy side of the screen for a while.
  17. just__al

    D&D 4E What level (APL) will you start your first 4E campaign?

    I voted first. I've been starting 3.5 campaigns at 2nd level but with 0 XP so you'd go a while before hitting 3rd level... Just for the survivability. I don't know if that's necessary now... We'll have to see after it ships and we play...
  18. just__al

    I might wait 3 years for v.4.5

    As I look back at my gaming shelf, I see a 3.0 DMG, PHB, Monster Manual, MM2, Fiend Folio Savage species and the only reason I didn't buy the 3.0 splat books was because I was leant them by someone in our group who wasn't DM'ing and "didn't need them right now" I fully intend to buy 4.0...
  19. just__al

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 buying with 4E on the horizon

    I will not be buying any more 3.5 material. 4e has got me very interested and when the new edition goes live dungeon, dragon (through the DI) and even pathfinder will be 4e and I rely on that kind of stuff in running my games...