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  1. David Fair

    Would You Get A D&D Tattoo?

    Sure I would. In fact, I have on similar to the above. You can see it here: You can also see my Power Grid tattoo in that pic, or go through the gallery to see it a bit better.
  2. David Fair

    Anyone want 44 pages of spells converted to 5e?

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing your work. Will be looking forward to updates.
  3. David Fair


    I didn't get to play... I didn't get to play a game on tabletop day this year, but it was because i was getting this:
  4. David Fair

    Unearthed Arcana Where is the new Unearthed Arcana article? I am of the mind that Kender should be outlawed at the table, but this guy made a fairly decent 5e take on them, IMO.
  5. David Fair

    D&D 5E Anybody know of an online point buy calculator? One with a few more frills...
  6. David Fair

    D&D 5E Anybody know of an online point buy calculator?
  7. David Fair

    D&D 5E Classes for the common folk

    I didn't even notice those NPC's in the MM. Those will fill this role nicely. Thank you.
  8. David Fair

    D&D 5E MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

    You can put in other file types; just change the file type box from PDF to jpg (or bmp, or whatever) and the other formats will show and import just fine. EDIT: Looks like that is true only if you are using Acrobat Pro, not the free reader. Sorry I hadn't realized this.
  9. David Fair

    D&D 5E Classes for the common folk

    One of the things I liked about 3e was the inclusion of the NPC classes (Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, Warrior -- though I really think they only needed 10 levels...) allowing you to generate stats for important NPCs that made them better than average NPC's but still not at the heroes...
  10. David Fair

    WotC's Adam Lee discusses cinematic flair in a new Behind the Screens

    If Boromir is a PC, the Boromir's player did the same thing, but named him Faramir instead.
  11. David Fair

    WotC's Adam Lee discusses cinematic flair in a new Behind the Screens

    The DM in this game simply loves to narrate entire sessions while his bored PCs wonder when they will get to play. PS. I was only half-serious. ;)
  12. David Fair

    Confirm or Deny: D&D4e would be going strong had it not been titled D&D

    I voted for "Deny". I never player 4e, only read the PHB and DMG. It really struck me as no longer a fantasy game but a superhero game in fantasy clothing. I like superhero games, but unlike Reese's peanut butter cups, they aren't always two great tastes that taste great together. Maybe as...
  13. David Fair

    WotC's Adam Lee discusses cinematic flair in a new Behind the Screens

    I submit that Boromir is not a PC. He, like all the non-hobbits in the books/movies, is a GM-controlled NPC. The only PC's are Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo.
  14. David Fair

    Princes of the Apocalypse

    5 out of 5 rating for Princes of the Apolocalypse Goes into great detail on the area, allowing a more free-form play while not being a completely undirected adventure, this hearkens back to some of the great old modules of yore and has a ton of play time built in. For a once a month group...
  15. David Fair

    If a Rogue never steals anything, is that Rogue still a Thief?

    Of course not... It is quite easy to imagine a spellcaster using his spells to obtain goods illegally, a fighting class using their brawn to do so, etc. The rogue gets by on his skills, not his brute strength or magic. What he does with those skills defines whether he is a thief or not.
  16. David Fair

    D&D 5E My Journey to 5th Edition

    I started in middle school with the D&D basic set (2nd edition, blue box) but we quickly moved over to AD&D and played that high school and college (I remember the original 1e Unearthed Arcana coming out in my sophomore year... man did we LOVE that book). I skipped 2e as it came out right after...
  17. David Fair

    D&D 5E Would You Give Your Party a Wand of Cure Light Wounds (limited charges)?

    In 3e Living Greyhawk I played a Rogue 1/Bard X (by the time he ended it was Rogue 1/Bard 8 iirc) that told everyone he was a Cleric (of Farlanghan, the Greyhawk god of rogues, trickery, and I think travel). He used a Wand of CLW to keep up the charade. I would only give out a Wand of CLW in 5e...