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  1. Magister Ludorum

    D&D (2024) I like the new Warlock

    Half my characters are warlocks and I am very excited to try this version out. I run a game where all five characters are warlocks, and the players have all expressed excitement. Warlock fans on this board seem to be mostly negative. That doesn't equate to all warlock fans.
  2. Magister Ludorum

    D&D (2024) New One D&D Weapons Table Shows 'Mastery' Traits

    This would be easier for me to take. I'm torn on this subject. I have no objection to amping up the power of martial characters. I love the idea. More than that I believe that it is absolutely necessary. It's not a mechanical issue for me at all. It's more the case of a narrative problem. I...
  3. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Dark Sun, problematic content, and 5E…

    Among the things that put me off on Darksun were... NPCs with a G in their alignment who were slave owners (better described as people who use force to make others work for them without compensation - you know Evil). A reading of the works of the Grimke sisters can illuminate as to how...
  4. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Honor Among Thieves Character Stats

    We ran 3e for years, but we disliked open ended ac and attack bonuses, and that's the version that inflated hit points to unreasonable levels. Also nit-picky fears that did little other than plug slots in a feat chain.
  5. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Honor Among Thieves Character Stats

    Quoted because this says what I've been thinking. I can no longer use any NPC stats in any books. Since D&D doesn't provide NPC write ups that are useful to me and I have to rebuild all the NPCs to give them character classes anyway, I've mostly stopped GMing D&D. I've been running Fantasy...
  6. Magister Ludorum

    D&D General Magitech and Science Fantasy are Fundamental to D&D

    The first published D&D adventure I ever ran was Blackmoor in the original little brown book. Since 1978, my games have always included large amounts of science-fantasy.
  7. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Which D&D books currently scheduled for 2023 are you interested in?

    I am interested in everything but Planescape, so I'm the outlier. I'll buy planescape if it has enough stuff not related to the Planescape setting, but Planescape is the only D&D setting I ever sold to used bookstore. Before anyone tries to explain why I should love it. I am a guy with a strong...
  8. Magister Ludorum

    D&D General WotC Reveals New Information and Covers for 'Keys from the Golden Vault'

    And if it were a boxed set, I wouldn't be buying it. I hated boxed sets back in the day and I've grown no fonder of them over the decades.
  9. Magister Ludorum

    D&D General WotC Reveals New Information and Covers for 'Keys from the Golden Vault'

    I will be buying the alt cover. I think it looks great.
  10. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Casual player responses to DMs planning to avoid WotC 5e/1DnD rules

    None of my players care what Matt Colville has to say, but they know him.
  11. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Sticking with D&D?

    We play D&D 5e and HERO. We will continue playing D&D 5e and HERO. I would prefer some form of OGL publishers can live with, but honestly as a player and a GM the existence or non-existence of such a license doesn't affect my gaming experience at all.
  12. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E How will the recent OGL developments affect your D&D spending?

    I will continue to buy new D&D 5e products when they come out. I will continue to buy 3 party products. If they are no longer written for D&D I will convert them for use with D&D. D&D 5e is the preferred level based system my group plays. I am the only one in the group who ever buys 3 party...
  13. Magister Ludorum

    D&D General Does a campaign world need to exist beyond what the characters interact with?

    We rarely agree on this issues (not necessarily a bad thing) but on this issue we are in complete accord. I am uninterested in playing in a world that doesn't feel real to me outside the players' actions, and I am fundamentally incapable of running or designing a world like that.
  14. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E PC Limitations vs. Do Whatever You Want

    I don't restrict anything in any game and all but two of the players build characters based on story, background and the world they're playing in. One of the others just likes weird concepts and the other builds the same basic two characters over and over again. As a player, I won't play in a...
  15. Magister Ludorum

    Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

    I don't, but I usually buy them.
  16. Magister Ludorum

    Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

    And I despise it. To each their own, I suppose.
  17. Magister Ludorum

    Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

    I'm not really a DL fan. I'm sure that WotC will have enough sense not to exclude popular core options when writing DL, so I'll probably buy it. My enthusiasm wanes with each pro-exclusion post I read, however.
  18. Magister Ludorum

    Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

    I went with yes, but every time I see a post about how WOTC should exclude classes and races from the setting, the less likely I am to buy it.
  19. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Battlemaster and Superiority Dice are causing martials to suffer.

    This is what I was getting at in another thread when I said I don't want to see 4e style martial powers in 5e. I want fighters to be able to use a wide variety of maneuvers at will. No resource management needed. Of course some posters here on ENWORLD think that somehow means limiting...
  20. Magister Ludorum

    D&D 5E Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of the Multiverse

    For my group this is the biggest problem with 5e. My kids read 3e and 2e, then talked me into writing save or die effects back into 5e.