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    Going Back in Time...AD&D

    Nice catch. I had forgotten that rule. The rest applies even if you use magical healing.
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    Who might be going to GenCon SoCal?

    Count me in I enjoyed my brief visit last year and have been looking forward to going this year. Heck, I live in the host city, the least I can do is show up :D
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    Looking for gamers in North Orange County/Corona, CA

    We are looking for a few players or a DM who has a few extra spots in his game. We are both in our 30s and have been playing role-playing games since high school. We like a mix of role playing and hack and slash in our gaming. We have run campaigns in Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms and the...
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    The net is a small place

    Another SoCal here. Looks like I am the anti-Sigil since I am about 3 miles north of the SoCal Gen Con site. :cool:
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    [OT] Baseball playoffs

    For the better part of 25 years, I have been rooting for the Angels and the Cardinals so it should come as no surprise that I think may be the greatest post season ever. I suddenly find myself faced with possibility that my two favorite teams could play each other in the world series. Do I...
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    [OT] 9-11 / WTC / Y2K ... Dates ...etc...

    Hey Cedric Didn't you have to got to RTC before you got to have some fun at NFAS? But then what do I know I was just a MM2 and a CRW in the RAR where we didn't have any AC like you guys in EOS.
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    Implied changes in Tolkien's Timeline in FOTR, in the film: what do you think?

    Edena, You are over looking the fact that after returning to the Shire to find out if Frodo and the Ring are still safe, he tells Frodo that he looked everywhere for the creature Gollum but the enemy found him first. Thus he did not race instantly back to the Shire after discovering the truth...
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    [LotR] 13 Oscar Nominations!!

    Personally I found "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to be the most overrated film of that year. I would agree with "Traffic" if you remove the horrid Micheal Douglas beat me over the head with the message storyline. Come on you know that Russel Crowe won to make up for not giving him an Oscar...