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    How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?

    However you would normally determine the distance of a long jump using an athletics roll with advantage. The PHB and DMG are silent on how exactly to calculate the jump distance gained by an athletics roll except to say that you can "try to jump an unusually long distance" using the skill...
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    How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?

    Thread strikes me as odd. Jumping further with a roll is listed as a potential use of the athletics skill. So: 1. The "thrower" readies his action to Help the "throwee". 2. The throwee runs up to the thrower and jumps. 3. The thrower Helps the throwee with his jump. Why does it need to be more...
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    D&D 5E Why did they design Demiplane to suck?

    Basically, it comes down to "It doesn't say you can, so you can't" which is some combination of "doing it wrong" and "no fun allowed" Even if you can't expand the demiplane, a 30 foot cube is large enough to hold a 3-story house.
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    D&D 5E Why did they design Demiplane to suck?

    You're a high-level wizard. You have spells like Stone Shape, Fabricate, Continual Flame, Guards and Wards and Programmed Illusion. I struggle to imagine what you could want to add to your demiplane that you cannot create yourself. -Stone Shape allows you to grow the room larger than the...
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    Building a ranged fighter - Arcane Archer vs. Battlemaster

    Grasping Arrow is quite strong, especially if you consider the fact that its bonus damage doesn't rely on the target moving willingly. I advocate mixing a Blades bard into your Arcane Archer so you can follow your Grasping Arrow with a Mobile Flourish to force them to take an extra 2d6 when they...
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    How to add more sorcery points?

    Or allow for the free use of metamagic only under certain conditions, something that would engage the player and give them a little puzzle during combat, like a rogue looking for advantage. Not sure what flavor you're going for, so I can't really be more specific than that.
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    Anyone else tired of the miserly begrudging Rogue design of 5E?

    Seems like you didn't read my proposal: I don't disagree with the central premise, that an increase to damage alongside a restriction to 1/round is a good idea. My proposal was (1d6)RogueLevel (ie, roll one dice them multiply it). I don't object to more damage, I object to having to count so...
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    Anyone else tired of the miserly begrudging Rogue design of 5E?

    Too many dice. You really want the player sitting there adding up 12 dice results every turn at level 11? Or god forbid they crit; everybody at the table would groan in unison. It would make a dice-rolling simulator app damn near essential. And besides, the more dice you roll the less random the...
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    D&D 5E What's the point of gold?

    There are a number of spells that consume expensive material components when you cast them, spells that, when used in combination, can be extremely powerful. For example, the spells "Symbol" and "Simulacrum" can be used to bypass spell slot limitations and concentration. Symbol in particular is...
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    The Wayfairers Guide to Eberron

    I didn't see these options in the PDF. Maybe these were a part of the earlier UA article? Because the Warforged in that article were much lower powered than what we wound up with in the PDF.
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    The Wayfairers Guide to Eberron

    For the record, I don't think the Changeling is inappropriate, I'm explaining why someone might take that position. Their ability explicitly allows them to change their voice: "You decide what you look like, including your height, weight, facial features, the sound of your voice, coloration...
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    The Wayfairers Guide to Eberron

    It's in a weird place because it's "OP" in social encounters, not combat encounters, which makes it harder to quantify. Think of it this way: being able to change your appearance (and in so doing potentially mimic the appearance of another person) is the effect of a 1st level spell, Disquise...
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    The Wayfairers Guide to Eberron

    The math works out fine assuming a high-magic setting (like Eberron) where someone who can't wear armor is sure to be missing out on a bonus to their AC from an enchantment on their armor (and where AC has to scale assuming everything has a corresponding enchantment on their weapons). But yeah...
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    The Wayfairers Guide to Eberron

    Definitely. Also, the Double-Scimitar + Revenant Blade is strictly superior to any two-weapon fighting build + Dual Wielder, especially if you plan ahead and take the Great Weapon Fighting style instead of Two Weapon fighting. 2d4 is extremely powerful with the reroll granted by GWF: the average...
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    We have 99 Heroes of Neverwinter beta keys to give away

    I guess I'm too late. Not that I really care much: Looks bad anyway.
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    D&D 4E New 4E DM asks about essentials

    Daily powers are narrative units. The characters don't think to themselves "man, this triple-spin-and-slash maneuver is hard, and I'm tired, so I better wait till tomorrow till I try it again!" a daily power is a mechanism that gives each character in an ensemble time to shine, to be the star...
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    Battle Cleric Options is up

    Yeeeeeah, so this + hybrids is just a no-brainer. Free scale prof + a +2 shield bonus to AC for free is just too good. I had built my Griffonrider Charger as a Ranger|Warlord mostly for the free heavy shield prof and slightly easier path to scale prof, the idea that I could not only get scale...
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    Mordenkainens Magnificent Emporium saved by last minute adventurers?

    Based on the timing of this decision, I'm assuming this book was re-scheduled because another book was canceled, namely the Neverwinter Campaign Guide, which was itself canceled because the sale of Cryptic to China (while Atari remains the licensee of the D&D IP) means the Neverwinter MMO is...
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    Eberron: Any new material published?

    I won't be surprised if no 4e books come out in 2012 at all. Just saying.
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    What's changed?

    It's really hard to imagine they would have nerfed Melee Training if not for Essentials.