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  1. Poet22

    D&D 5E WizKids Announces Largest Tiamat Miniature Ever

    I've decided to NOT get it...Instead, I'm going to order their previous Tiamat that is smaller but more useable!
  2. Poet22

    Worlds of Design: How RPG Tools Have Changed

    So many great comments here! I would add initiative trackers and prepainted plastic minis. These have greatly helped our games beyond what we did back in the 80s. I also think there are changes in practice that have helped, such as sharing table duties such as initiative tracking with the...
  3. Poet22

    GenCon 2014 in Review

    Paizo booth decision My biggest surprise and disappointment was the decision by Paizo to close off their booth and create a line system to get in. This is the first time they have done this and it marks a shift in their procedure. While I understand the need to manage the onslaught when it...
  4. Poet22

    GenCon 2014 in Review

    What are your thoughts about GenGon 2014? Hits? Misses? Surprises?
  5. Poet22

    D&D 5E DungeonScape (formerly known as Morningstar)

    I'm impressed I had a chance at GenCon to see Dungeonscape twice and for the first time with a D&D related character manager, I am impressed. It covers both character creation and character management during play with not only great ease but also through a modern interface that will work well...
  6. Poet22

    D&D Fans Rejoice! WotC Releases the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook! (Part 1: Characters)

    Thank you Games Plus in Mt. Prospect! My FLGS had my copy waiting and I too have had enough time to flip through the first part of the book and pronounce it both gorgeous but also well-written! In short, no need to worry! Mike Mearls and the rest of the gang have given us a shiny new version of...
  7. Poet22

    D&D 5E Where (and when) are you getting the Starter Set?

    YOUR store is MY store! So great to buy a new version of D&D at the greatest game store in the world, GAMES PLUS, which has been my FLGS for 30 years!!!
  8. Poet22

    First time going to GenCon- need advice/tips/etc.

    More Advice Our group has been attending GenCon for almost a decade now and we use it as a "Guys Weekend" away from our families. We tend to focus on the Vendor Hall more than anything else and then game at night back in our hotel. It's a great time. Here are some thoughts: 1. If you've got...
  9. Poet22

    What did we all think of Indy?

    Next Year Remember when we used to get the convention book BEFORE the convention? Most of the professional organizations I belong to send out the convention book ahead of time or provide it online with descriptions of each session. I would like to know about some of the seminars ahead of time...
  10. Poet22

    Coolest game/product you discovered at Gen Con?

    GenCon Goodies I discovered the Battle Box from Fiery Dragon. I bought it Friday and we used it that night. The rep at their booth said Monte Cook had done the same thing and had loved it. High praise! I also picked up Caverns of Thracia for use in my new Wilderlands campaign. Another great...
  11. Poet22

    Open Complaint to Peter Adkison

    This is my 12th year attending GenCon, with two years spent as a vendor, and I agree with many of the reviews. It was in a bigger, better facility. The city itself is MUCH better for a convention such as this: better food, hotels, parking, nightlife(as much as one can get in the midwest!). I had...
  12. Poet22

    EN World Gen Con Gathering??

    Can I play, too? I have been a long-time follower of EN World but only recently a "poster" on the messageboards. This will be my 9th GenCon and I plan on attending the awards ceremony. I missed the gathering in Chicago. Count me in on the gathering so I can finally meet some of you!
  13. Poet22

    [E-Tools] Release Info?

    Will it be there Aug. 8? OK. So I've heard two dates now. August 5th and August 9th. If E-Tools will be available at GenCon, doesn't that mean it will be available on August 8th, which is the first day of the con? This is rather important to me since I'll be at GenCon on Thursday the 8th...
  14. Poet22

    Cover other games?--- Err No

    The Same...but more? I can see Morrus' last point about creating some tabs at the top that would refer to other items beyond d20/D&D. If you have the time and inclination without negatively impacting the current content, then go for it. I am NOT a big user of forums, so that is not an...