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  1. circadianwolf

    Would you play a game with only 1 life (ie. New Cap City)

    New Cap City was just a television device (after all, how does such a game make money? why wouldn't people play the presumably myriad other games available? and I refuse to believe that in the game as depicted any more than a few people could survive for years, as several characters are...
  2. circadianwolf

    Dwarf Rogue Tactic

    Yes, in order for this to be of any use you need better unarmed attacks, both in base weapon (e.g. like the monk's unarmed attack) and enhancement bonus (e.g. like the brawler's unarmed attack). If you make it a +3 prof/1d8 damage off-hand weapon with integrated scaling enhancement bonus that...
  3. circadianwolf

    Character Builder Glitch

    Well.. masterwork is supposed to be built into magic heavy armor. If you weren't incorporating it before, you were falling behind in armor class. It's a confusing system, but it's necessary to accommodate for the increases light armor users get from increasing Dex/Int.
  4. circadianwolf

    Arena fight - need a mechanic for crowd-pleasing combat bonuses!

    An early 4E Dragon issue (the one with the infamous gladiator player options) has an article for DMs running gladiator battles with basically everything you're looking for.
  5. circadianwolf

    D&D 4E 4E Martial Controller: Dragoon

    No it's not, the advantage of Twin Strike is being able to attack the same target twice (and stack static damage mods on twice). That's just a thunderwave that swaps the push for enemies only.. which is probably a fair trade.
  6. circadianwolf

    Essentials Rogue is up!

    Haha, thank you, that was exactly my thought on reading some of these posts. "I wasn't sure about 4E before. The design's pretty different from previous editions. It's much more complicated. So I think--wait, they renamed the rogue to the thief? And they added back a feature called 'backstab'...
  7. circadianwolf

    Hybrid Fighter/Paladin and marks

    Yes, fighter hybrids are very friendly to other defenders in this way.
  8. circadianwolf

    D&D 4E Forked Thread: 4e Artwork

    I'm glad I've been through this :):):):) enough that I'm content to point and laugh at the sheer arrogance and willful ignorance of that last statement. The rest of it, as Gradine discusses pretty well, is classic colonialist :):):):):):):):). I wish I had the inclination to demonstrate it for...
  9. circadianwolf

    The Next Most Unrealistic Power

    IOW, you don't want them to actually be Aragorn and Gandalf, because you're admitting that in that story Gandalf is a lot more powerful than Aragorn, and so in said game their powers would have to be balanced, and therefore your example is still useful because...? You can either have a fighter...
  10. circadianwolf

    Class Acts: Seeker and Infinite Damage

    Storm pillar says each enemy that "moves" into a square, not "enters". Force movement triggers "enters". It's a poor distinction (which is why a lot of powers say "willingly moves"), but it is a distinction established by the rules.
  11. circadianwolf

    D&D 4E Forked Thread: 4e Artwork

    I have no idea what the original thread was about, but this is *hilarious*(/sad, pathetic, and disgusting). Male privilege at its finest.
  12. circadianwolf

    The Next Most Unrealistic Power

    Err, no, it leads to "fighters should stay at low power levels, while wizards are not so constrained". If your ideal RPG characters are Aragorn and Gandalf, who seriously wants to play Aragorn?
  13. circadianwolf

    Essential skills?

    Well, rogues have 5 because like bards their legacy is as skill monkeys. The set number of skills with some classes having bonus ones would be just like hybrids, so it seems quite possible. I would like to see rogues that don't require training in Thievery.
  14. circadianwolf

    The Next Most Unrealistic Power

    Eh. The martial debate just leads back to "fighters should suck (at high levels, and conversely wizards should suck at low levels)", which is, from the perspective of *actually playing a game*, stupid. The guy playing the fighter doesn't care if it's more "realistic" that he sucks at higher...
  15. circadianwolf

    Essentials Mage: Observations

    It may also trigger a defender's mark punishment in certain situations and with certain defenders.
  16. circadianwolf

    D&D 4E 4E Hack: "Fiction First" Playtest

    I just wanted to say that I find this whole thread and the system you're working on fascinating and I eagerly read each new report. :)
  17. circadianwolf

    Tips to create and play an effective druid?

    Alright, I see where you're coming from, and agree with most of it. "Trap" still seems an odd word choice to me (I think it's pretty clear what you're giving up), but yeah, an optimized druid will not compete with other optimized characters. (I play a paladin|warlock myself, haha. Played a swarm...
  18. circadianwolf

    Tips to create and play an effective druid?

    What do you mean by a "trap"? Druids are definitely the worst controllers, but that is because, as Stumblewyk discusses, they emphasize their secondary roles much more highly, and a more effective characters because of it. The psion is effective mainly through at-will spamming, though, so I'd...
  19. circadianwolf

    Tips to create and play an effective druid?

    Well, swarm druids without pre-errata Hide Armor Expertise are lost above heroic tier, as they get to either tank their armor class or lose their class features. Druids can make very good melee Polearm Momentum users. Take Battle Awareness to multiclass fighter (a great feat on its own), then...
  20. circadianwolf

    Class Acts: Seeker and Infinite Damage

    *sigh* Nearly all of the most overpowered things in 4E have come from the published books; nearly anything overpowered in Dragon gets nerfed at the end of the month in which it was initially published. Let go of your assumptions from 3.5. (FYI: there was a Monk power that did the exact same...