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    How Pathfinder Society is Handling Remaster

    Yeah - glad I didn't fall into the Pathfinder 2 path to ruination. P1 remains the best.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Visage 3.5

    2019 now, and I am thinking of running DG for a Pathfinder 1 group. I like your conversion. But I am also adding this SQ I made up for my home brew. What do you think? You still out there? Covert Creature (Ex): Covert Creatures are natural spies and have a unique set of affects because of...
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    Knights of the Dinner Table #251

    5 out of 5 rating for Knights of the Dinner Table #251 KODT's issue #251 is a great entry point for first time readers. You'll get hooked in to the fun characters, all arch types of players you know, but with a complete history and actual development. Plus, the articles in this issue are...
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    Knights of the Dinner Table #251

    Product information... View for more details
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    Has Anyone Seen a Diamond Golem?

    Hey - I'm doing the same thing right now - converting WGR1 to pathfinder. You willing to share your notes?