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  1. GameWyrd

    How much of the pay-for-download tabletop RPG market share does DriveThruRPG have?

    I think also virtual tabletop marketplaces are growing players. One More Multiverse didn't raise $17m just to be a fancy VTT with Twitch integration. It's about the lock-in. Then there are the bundle sites like Humble Bundle and the Bundle of Holding with (and I know people disagree with me)...
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    WotC ICv2 Has A Theory That WotC Will Be Sold

    I think Thorne's theory entirely forgets about the D&D computer games, that Hasbro's London Toy Fair presentation was almost entirely D&D and Magic: The Gathering or that they spent $4bn to buy Entertainment One and then promptly made D&D the priority project. However, anything is possible...
  3. GameWyrd

    Nominate Your Favourite RPG Podcasts of 2020!

    Seconded. Hopefully, this will help raise their profile. :cool:
  4. GameWyrd

    D&D General Who coined the phrase "murder hobo"

    Feels like the article was about right. No? The first evidence of the term being used on the internet was 2007 but probably used offline by old gamers for years before that.
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    Shining A Spotlight On RPG Patreons

    My website offering as a Patreon too. Yeah, I know, like very slow to the game!
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    Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019!

    I've some nominations for the TALK category. World Anvil Worldbuilding Podcast Spotify Host Main World Anvil site. The Curators Spotify Host Official The Curators microsite.
  7. GameWyrd

    EN Publishing Staff Changes At EN Publishing

    Excellent appointments. Well done Jessica and Marc.
  8. GameWyrd

    EN World What do you like about the new site?

    Other than the improved speed? I'm a fan of the forum search engine.
  9. GameWyrd

    'Front Page News' rss feed

    I'm keen to see the return of the news only RSS as well.
  10. GameWyrd

    The Rookie's Guide to Criminal Organisations

    The Judge Dredd license continues with the The Rookie’s Guide to Criminal Organisations. The 64-paged softcover book goes as far as the light use of colour for the borders but not for any illustrations however the whole book benefits from the better paper quality required for even what colour...
  11. GameWyrd

    Enchantment - Fire in the Mind

    Oh dear. I’ll always remember Enchantment: Fire in the Mind for the absolutely dreadful exchange of letters between a master Enchanter and an apprentice which run throughout this Encyclopaedia Arcane. The book itself certainly isn’t awful and as it turns out, after a twist, that the exchange of...
  12. GameWyrd

    Prometheus Rising

    Prometheus Rising is a new PDF Sci-Fi d20 RPG from Vigilance Press, the small company behind the super-heroic (a carefully selected term since I’ve been told that Marvel own ‘superhero’ as a trademark) Vigilance RPG. Prometheus begins with a page of great story. There are hints of a rebellion...
  13. GameWyrd

    Battle Armor II: Bigger, Tougher, Cooler

    "Bigger, Tougher, Cooler" ... since I'm a sucker for dashing straplines let's have another from Battle Armor: II. "He Who Lives By the Sword... Better Have Good Armor" Actually, I see that "Bigger, Tougher, Cooler" is emblazed into the title of Interactive Design Adventures's sequel to Battle...
  14. GameWyrd

    Quick & Easy... SRD 3.5 Classes, Skills & Feats

    Quick & Easy: SRD 3.5: Classes, Skills & Feats This one is for hardcore techophile d20 authors and few other people. Quick & Easy: SRD 3.5: Classes, Skills & Feats is a re-print of the SRD (System Reference Document) for d20 3.5 edition. If you have the core Player's Handbook then you already...
  15. GameWyrd

    Slavelords of Cydonia

    Yus. Pick up Slavelords of Cydonia and you'll feel that is has the "Yus Factor!". This is a chunky hardback and, to be honest, this is what you'd expect for any adventure supplement that promised to take your players from Level 1 to Level 20. Chunky adventure supplements enjoy the "Yus factor"...
  16. GameWyrd

    Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

    The Mythic Vistas series from Green Ronin is a real winner. Years into d20 we're still able to attempt to enthuse and reinvigorate players through campaign settings with a twist. I carefully didn't say "original campaign settings" there because such a tag couldn't be applied to Hamunptra and...
  17. GameWyrd

    Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin, Volume 2

    Sidewinder: Recoiled from Dog House Rules is one of the d20 campaign settings that Gamers-in-the-Know know about. This is a wild west setting which get the best out of the d20 system whilst maintaining a realistic, strong and fun flavour. Dog House Rules put a lot of work into the setting and...
  18. GameWyrd

    Foes of Freedom

    Foes of Freedom is a Mutants and Masterminds supplement from Green Ronin. Our first concern is likely to be; "Is it as good as the other Mutants and Masterminds supplement? Yes, I suppose it is. The first caveat to make is that Foes of Freedom is very definitely an enemy book. If you prefer...
  19. GameWyrd


    Every now and then an original d20 fantasy roleplaying game shows its head. It's true, even today this is possible. If you are chuckling sceptically then I'll cite Valus as an example. Valus can be brutal. This is a world born without love. I tend to make notes as I flick through RPGs and...