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  1. Weirdok

    Roll20's Latest Usage Report: D&D Steady, Cthulhu Down!

    The Star Wars game was great back in the 80's. My friends were hooked on TSR stuff, so, I couldn't get anyone to play ☹
  2. Weirdok

    Is there demand for a “tactical” RPG akin to 4e?

    This game sounds fantastic! This idea is something I would like to see intergrated into high level play in 5e. The introduction of war drama and the rising and falling of major powers because of war is the flower of ttrpg'. The goals would be to establish enough wealth and power to influence the...
  3. Weirdok

    Media Legendlore: A video series covering Monsters, Characters, Gods, and other things from D&D

    I like your style! Do you write your own dialog? check out my stuff too. I can use your expert feedback. My goal is to foster creativity and lore around the ttrpg community! no strife, just imagination!
  4. Weirdok

    My campaign in animated chapters

    Thank you. I can't explain how cool it is to learn this stuff (Blender and DaVinci Resolve to name a couple) to help my stories and game. I have time, but no cash! lol...I hope to publish the game in the story soon. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Weirdok

    My campaign in animated chapters

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, but I wanted to share with fellow storytellers what I have been doing on my YouTube channel. Please take a look at what I have done so far and tell me what you think. View them in chronological order. I am also trying to get exposure for my channel and get...
  6. Weirdok

    D&D 5E Nobody Is Playing High Level Characters

    I haven't had the opportunity to play a high level game in 5e. I imagine getting to 20th level has some time constraints.