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    I'm willing to write this and take the criticism, and indeed this is naive and ignorant, but I don't like the business of DnD and have never seen it as a business. Gygax did I'm sure, but what I bought as a youth was more than just some game out of a business model. What I always liked was...
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    Rogues Gallery

    Back in the day, there was a great publication called the Rogues Gallery (when a rogue was called a "thief" and a Rogue was just a bad guy or gal) with all sorts of humanoid bad guys, premade and easy to just grab and throw in to your campaign, is there anything on the forums or out on the...
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    The DM's Best Friends

    So I think there are many DM's like me searching for aids to help smooth the 4E DM experience. What's out there, what's been "Fan Created" and what should be created? Thanks
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    Any plans for an update? Still loving the sheet!
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    Character Sheet of Berkay

    Would there be a fourth page perhaps?
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    Indeed. On a Mac I find many auto-fils just don't deliver. And with new publications coming out it's a pain to keep up. I don't mind my trusty pencil, but a fillable one might just get me on board. I used this version this weekend and it's great. I too still use my cards, but I'm finding...
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    What did you buy?

    My fear is that the cost will go up to $14.99 as soon as the table is out.
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    What did you buy?

    I've dumped Dungeon and Dragon in the past, I can do it again (I also have 2 lvl 70's and gave up WoW in April 2007 lol), but for now I've signed up for a year, hell of a lot cheaper than WoW. BUT let's ask the question again in Oct 2009 to see who is satisfied and who isn't. I'm also going to...
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    Very nice! I am more excited with this than I am with the new MacBooks LOL. I hope others chime in to help with this. I played 2 sessions over 10 hours this weekend and I though it was a great aid!
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    I like the rational, makes much better sense to me. I usually end up with the eraser hole ... mark of honour :p but you're right, most probably don't do it that way. I particularly like the idea of 3 to 1, maybe with name & class and ... hahahaah ... some credit to D&D with some tiny icon :-)
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    Sorry to double post, but I've been filling this sheet out... and indeed it is worthy of "awesome". I suggested above to place page 3 on page 8, I'm not sure if this what I am really trying to say. If you could get the Initiative, HP and AP section on page 1 then all would be great and very...
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    Making your own power cards

    Thank You, Jojo! :D
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    First impression... AWESOME! Really and truly awesome. It's a space saver, easy to read and functional. The Abilities with the Skills... brilliant. I also like that space hasn't been throw to the wind for a Dungeon & Dragon's 4E logo (I "have been" :D using Shado's so I love his color...
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    iPhone App - Power Card Viewer

    Is there any movement on this? Especially with a character sheet / generator?
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    iPhone 4E Apps?

    I respect your call to move this thread, just worried that most won't come over here to see it :-(
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    iPhone 4E Apps?

    That's great news about the Compendium on Safari. What I was looking for was powers (and I'm sure I saw a thread someone on EnWorld) and oddly enough a Character Sheet! That would be awesome, for me, even moreso than a Character "Card".
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    iPhone 4E Apps?

    I'm wondering if there are developers out there working on 4E apps for the iPhone / iPod Touch or better still, if anyone has something out there?
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    Advanced Player's Guide questions

    I cried myself to sleep :-( LOL oh well ... still a great 3rd party effort!
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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    I like this Verys. In fact as much as I like the Power Cards I too am finding space a factor. This looks as if it could easily be the inside of a booklet character sheet (landscape 8x11). Any possibility of you making a booklet style character sheet? Now that's future development :-p LOL...
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    Character Sheet Archive

    There's something over on the "Dragon Avenue" site, somewhere here: Dragon Avenue Forums | 4E - Make Your Own Character Cards I was hoping there would be an update for the Character Card, but I haven't seen one yet. Please keep us posted on this. _____________________ New Question: has...