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    Please remove Demiplane of Dread Story Award next season

    As it’s a few seasons back now, I’d love it if there was a change to the Demiplane award. There are some fun & enjoyable adventures in this season that probably get unfairly skipped over. Removing the story reward completely would be one option, or lowering the downtime days to be equal to what...
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    Paperless AL Play

    There was a discussion on this very topic a week or two ago in the Facebook group. There is no rule as to what format the log sheet or character sheet has to be on, however some people said they would not be allowed at their table. If I remember correctly, things pretty much boiled down to "DM...
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    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    Played both parts of Eye of Xxiphu, and it definitely benefits from a theater of the mind approach. Maps and minis will be difficult for many of the encounters. You'll also need great time management in a convention setting, as I think it will lean towards running long.
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    Fai Chen recon

    I'm positive there would have been plenty of volunteers if it had been made known. We spent several FaiChen times saying " man that line is long, I'm not standing in that".
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    D&D 5E Hard Core Monster Manual

    If you're looking for harder monsters, check out the Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press. They seem much more difficult for their listed CR's than the vanilla Monster Manual monsters.
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    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    More epics with fewer tables at each. Having ran the Iron Baron, it definitely benefits from this format. There is a lot more inter-table interaction which would get crazy with 40+ tables. Happy they opened up another t4 table on Sunday, we grabbed a pair of seats to that. Didn't try for any...
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    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    While my friend and I didn't get anything resembling our plan, as the tracks sold out way too fast, we do have "something" to do from slots 3-10. I guess we'll adjust our hotel by one day and drive up Thursday morning, and get home at a reasonable time Sunday. We did land one AO, which we're...
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    D&D 5E How hard is it to accidentally have a TPK?

    We just ran the season 5 epic last weekend, and I kept my table at the edge of a tpk for about three hours. I normally play without a screen, but was encouraged to use it this time and did. At the end the players all said they had an amazing time and kept going on and on about all their close...
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    At-will bardic-style inspiration - balanced?

    Seems pretty close to a ranged "help" action to me, I wouldn't say it's too imbalanced.
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    D&D 5E Looking for advice on combat DnD 5e as a DM

    For tracking conditions, I find the rings from milk jugs and pop/juice bottles to be useful. I have numerous colors that I have assigned a condition to that I can place on a mini.
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    D&D 5E Has anyone run Cloud Giant's Bargain yet?

    I gave my group as much time as they wanted to explore the castle. They seemed to really like the challenges that came with their size versus the environment "what's on the table? You don't know, all you can see is the bottom of the chair".
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    Thoughts on running Death House

    Suits starts with your players outside of Phlan. You don't enter Barovia until the very end.