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    Death and Dying delayed

    My understanding is that by eating right and getting proper exercise, one can postpone it for months, even years. ;)
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    Looking for a slum tenement building map or floorplan

    Rackham's beautiful gaming tiles are primarily city-based, with lots of great alleys/shacks/building interiors/exteriors to work with. Plus they're beautiful. Did I mention how nice they look?
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    D&D 4E Harry Potter 4e

    Healing surges seem like a good choice for a recharge mechanic...doesn't every other battle in HP end with him passing out and waking up at the start of the next chapter in a hospital bed? Pushing yourself past your physical limits to power your magic seems to have a precedent here....
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    D&D 4E Greyhawk 4e: Back to the Beginning...

    I dearly love this idea. I hope they take this track with Dragonlance as well. In fact, I hope they make a time machine, go back in time a year or two, and then make Forgotten Realms this way to boot. These are RPG settings, not classic literature. They should be relaunched for each...
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    Halving Hitpoints

    I should've been more clear about the "weakened monsters" comment. Clearly, if you cut their HP in half they've been weakened. The opinion which fascinates me, though I wonder about its accuracy, is this: I've heard some claim that the overall effectiveness of the monster isn't really reduced...
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    Halving Hitpoints

    So no one else has been experimenting in this direction? I'll give the thread this last bump in hopes of getting more responses....
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    Adamant Entertainment: State of Play

    I'd buy a Skull & Bones 4e without hesitation. I'd buy a Skull & Bones True20 with equal lack of hesitation. Mostly, I'd really hate to see Skull & Bones drift off into a neglected twilight. It deserves to enjoy a higher profile than it currently does. A relaunch into a less-crowded market...
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    Halving Hitpoints

    So I've been hearing alot about this 'halve the monsters' hitpoints' houserule that has apparently been floating around at Wizards. How many have given this a try, and how did it work out? It seems like it would seriously weaken monsters...but I'd like to believe that it doesn't. The tedious...
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    Churches Instead of Gods

    I've long intended to do a game set in medieval Europe where all the 'gods' would be replaced with the cults of various saints. A monotheistic setting with competing religious traditions within it would be a refreshing change from the standard D&D garden variety polytheism....
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    Miniatures users & lovers - weep! Weep with me, fellows!

    Quit your whining and take a sledgehammer to the :):):):)ing walls. This thing of beauty must be made to happen. And it must be photographed. Please.
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    Literary (and other) settings wishlist

    I'd really like to see Green Ronin's Testament setting get a 4E treatment. I really love all that sandals n' swords bronze/iron agey goodness. And the literary pedigree is first class.... I'd like to see Sidewinder Reloaded (Sidewinder Reloaded Again?) in 4E terms as well. I always thought...
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    Your ideal setting

    Yes indeed. I've accumulated quite a stack of ArM books as reference material. They're a godsend for this project! Green Ronin's Medieval Player's Manual has given me some great ideas as well.
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    H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth - I Have It!

    Close...they are described as having spines that grow amidst their beards. They can pull and throw these things at enemies to poison them. The Duergar have a more overt devil-worship vibe going on now. One of the sample encounter groups for them has a Spined Devil in it, frex. Maybe...
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    Your ideal setting

    In light of the Special Hate some folks seem to have for it, I'm almost reluctant to admit that the Dream Setting I've been laboring on for some time now is..... 13th Century Europe. Different Strokes and all that.
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    A Campaign Without a Metaplot?

    This is very clever.
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    Two Groups, One Campaign.

    Check the 'West Marches' articles here for some ideas: