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    Brewster NY/Danbury CT seeking gamers

    Brand new gaming group forming in Brewster NY. Three confirmed and two seats still open. System will either be Pathfidner or D&D 5e. We will be playing weekend afternoon/evenings at my house in Brewster. DM me for details!
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    [EN5ider #37] Croaking Sirocco

    Looks great - what system are all these for?
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    Or is this simply the ENWorld-in-bed-with-Wotc rule?
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    NY/CT 3.5 player wanted

    No problem- happy gaming and good camping to you!
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    NY/CT 3.5 player wanted

    Hey David.... Sunday's are a definite no g- for this group, but we do sometimes play Saturday afternoon and/or evening. We have another player coming from your side of the bridge if a meet-and-carpool situation would work better for you. Cheers! -John Guild Fetridge
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    Looking for game in Connecticut

    Brewster too far for you? If not, see my thread under: NY/CT player wanted
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    NY/CT 3.5 player wanted

    Hello, We're a group in our mid 20s - mid 30s looking for one more player for our 3.5 Ptolus game. We meet in Brewster approx every other week (often on Friday evening) and are having LOTS of fun with the City of Ptolus campaign setting. Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to join us. Cheers...
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    Regarding more Item Cards

    buff cards I have the same question about Buff cards: Have the Buff cards been updated for purchase at RPGNOW? What about the Bard buffs?
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    Paging Stefan! Are you OK?

    where is Stefan? Wondering about Buff cards and if they've really been updated like it says on the TOGC website....? Pretty much every product link on their web-site is now broken. You can still find the pdf's on RPGNow, but not using the links provided.... Anyone know the status on Buff cards?
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    The Best & Worst of 3rd Edition: SINGLE BEST Product of 3rd edition (poll closed)

    ANYONE who doesn't vote Ptolus has simply never really read the Big Brick nor played a campaign within the city. Simply brilliant and way, way lots of fun.
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    Player Looking for 3.5E Group near Newburgh, NY

    Can't you hear Brewster calling.......?
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    Brewster NY/Danbury CT seeking players

    We're in Brewster and usually play Friday nights and/or Saturday afternoon into evening.
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    Brewster NY/Danbury CT seeking players

    Thanks for the suggestion...I do know of the place, I just haven't gotten over there to post a not yet. :\