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    Should a TTRPG have a singular Core Rulebook or more?

    @Celebrim please share your notes :) BHH
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    What Game Systems Do You Have?

    this is my RPG library libri di buzzqw | LibraryThing plus some hundreds books without isbn (indie publisher) BHH
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    Unpopular opinions go here

    The three DnD pillar are overrated. Exploration is futile, social is absolute a waste of time, PX is overrated. The only things that's matter is to crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women! And kills or mate with some dragons.... BHH
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    Kickstarter Six-Hack coming soon to Kickstarter!

    Backed! i just love OSR Hacks! i found always something interesting, appealing and innovating on these little books! Thanks BHH
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    Help Needed: Creating a fantasy rules system using 2d10

    every time on the d10 you roll a 10 sum the dice and reroll the dice again and sum the new result so roll 2d20 = 4,10 . reroll the second dice = 7 , you got 4+10+7=21 if you roll 1 on the dice discard it. roll 2d10 = 1,10. discard the first dice. reroll the second dice (10) = 1, sorry discard...
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    Help Needed: Creating a fantasy rules system using 2d10 a little less swingness BHH
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    Help Needed: Creating a fantasy rules system using 2d10

    try using open roll, on rolling 10 reroll the dice and sum. On rolling 1 count dice as zero. BHH
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    D&D 5E So i created a boss for my game...

    i humbly suggest to lurk and read the 5e monster creation guidelines are wrong there are tons of unseful information on this site and also made by author of Level UP Monstrous Menagerie BHH
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    Your favorite magic system

    definitely a system based on Noun and Verb, like Ars Magica. Looking for a more immediate approach I suggest WOIN (OLD) magic Magic — What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. BHH
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    Knave 2 from Ben of Questing Beast. Update: Backerkit store is open.

    Shipping costs will have a negative impact on purchases from Europe... BHH
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    D&D 5E Doing 5ed without classes.

    on my system (classless) characters are build with these rules: OBSS has no classes. At each level player can decide to improve the score of Weapon Proficiency or Magic Proficiency. With the first you hit better, with the second you cast spells. It is the Feats that build the character's...
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    Blood and Doom: A WoD version of Conan.

    note: the game is actually on kickstarter BHH
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    Making critical hits cool again

    In my system hit rolls (3d6 plus the usual modifiers) can explode, meaning every time you roll a 6 you roll a die again. I got two option for scoring a critical hit: for every multiple of 6 with which you outrun your opponent's defense you roll one more weapon die, only the weapon die. for...
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    D&D General Most iconic (fantasy) enemy groups?

    Ghouls Cultist Dragon BHH
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    Avoiding Death Spirals WHILE making damage count

    seems very similar to Starfinder Hit Points and Stamina Points - Rules - Archives of Nethys: Starfinder RPG Database BHH
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    After Winter’s Dark Kickstarter & setting discussion

    just one big problem: shipping cost and no POD (with LULU , so UE friendly and not DriveTh that is only UK friendly...) support. C&C anf Frog God are only for USA and near state market. (i had the pdf already..but want physical books) BHH
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    I should write a book called "Diary of an RPG Hoarder"

    The RPG manuals I own are and will be my legacy. I hope my children and perhaps grandchildren want to use them because a book never dies and lasts for centuries. And if my children won't use them and won't be role-players, despite how many wonderful hours of fun and amazing friendships they'll...
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    D&D General Are you jumping ship? What will you be switching to?

    my printed copy of Cepheus has the OGL page BHH