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    Cheap fantasy minis!

    After cheap minis, I've tryed cheap modular dungeon tiles. see you on G+ (damn photos & links restrictions !)
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    Cheap fantasy minis!

    you know what ? You're my god ! ;) Let me introduce some of my minis Of course, you've recognized caesar miniatures (adventurer & undead) & aracne legions (hans)
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    Cheap fantasy minis!

    Yeah, I know those awsome blogs, but it seems impossible to find e-mail contacts on blogspot... Might you invite them if you're in touch with them ? Thanks in advance.
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    Cheap fantasy minis!

    Hi ! I've just created a G+ communiy about 1/72 fantasy minis for rpg. the name of the community : "1/72 - 20mm fantasy minis for rpg" its ID : 113363218840328050806 (sorry but i'm not allowed to post links yet : h.t.t.p:(slashslash)plus(dot)google(dot)com/u/0/communities/113363218840328050806...
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    1:72 scale fantasy miniatures

    Hi, (firt, sorry for my broken english) On your photos, what is the size of the bases the figures are mounted on ? I wonder if 1:72 minis can be use with a rule system that requires 20mm bases. How have you mounted it ? You've cut the original base and glued the feet directly on the new base...