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    I Like The Simple Fighter [ducks]

    Sorry but the way you are comparing does nobody any good. You cannot make an informed decision based on what has been shown. Throwing around words that make it sound like fact does not help either. We do not know. There are too many variables to say one way or the other. IMHO saying...
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    Idea for Removing Wordy Spell Descriptions and Monster Stats

    The only thing they really need to do is make the books wordy and DDI condensed. People who like condensed can do what they have been doing with 4E now and only use the compendium as a reference. Those of us that like to read the entire spell description can do so by opening up the book to...
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    Surprise (-20 Init) the penalty that won’t go away

    Except that it isn't. It is simple and guarantees what surprise is supposed to do for the most part.
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    Why I Think Rolling For Hit Points is a Bad Thing

    There is nothing stopping you from just assigning the middle number of the hit die if your so desire in your game. This will break nothing, and leave those of us that like having the roll to do so without breaking anything.
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    One word that will fix what's wrong with DNDN

    Unfortunately, the only thing that is wrong with DDN right now are the play testers. Discussion is good, but I don't see very many people taking the play test into context at all. There are an awful lot of people who are taking this as this is the PHB that they just purchased and all the rules...
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    Combat issues: slayer + at-will magic missile.

    I am not sure magic missile is exactly auto hit every time. I am not sure what an unobstructive path for the missile is exactly. So there is a chance that it is not exactly like the old magic missile that they have to be able to see a small part of the body. They need to explain that bit a...
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    Save or suck Medusa petrification

    Uhhhh, Let me remind everyone here that this is a play test. It is designed to test the capabilities of the party, the monsters and the rules. It is more than likely that this was setup that way on purpose as a way to specifically test mechanics. And the potion is there so the play test will...
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    D&D 5E 5E Will Epic Fail If

    If the PHB is too rigid in design and there are not enou options available out of the gate. We all know that every character class or concept is not going to be suported right away, but if there is enough variety in the first PHB, that will go along way in getting people to continue to play the...
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    When did the Fighter become "defender"?

    I think what allot of people do not seem to understand about people that do not like 4e was that the first 6 months of the game are critical. The stuff that is in the PHB is critical. That book is how you gt hooked to the edition. If the book is severely lacking, to whatever reason, people...
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    When did the Fighter become "defender"?

    Is this true of the original PHB fclasses or was this a broadening of the classes afterwards? I used othe books. The 4e PHB classes were very constrained.
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    OAs/AoO - they gotta go

    The situation is, the barbarian is not good at guarding. He is an untrained fighter that lets his emotions control his combat. The party should use the resources they have properly and effectively. The game should not be designed around all decisions that a party are going to make. I am not...
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    The End of the World as We Know it?

    Digital is the way to go but not compiling the PDFs and still calling them magazines is not. What is the use of continuing to number them when they are really now just individual articles,
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    CB's biggest failing by far: No custom content possible

    They do not have to. Any one that does this and knows they will be interfacing with other products makes an API that will allow the communication. Hero lab already does and I would say it is harder as they are working with another company that is out of their control. As for compliance, I...
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    CB's biggest failing by far: No custom content possible

    The problem is that it has already been proven in the 3.5 era and the 4.0 era with programs that are already available and have more features than what Wotc offers. Hero Lab is an example for both 3.5 and 4 and they have less people and are working on more types of systems. There were at...
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    CB's biggest failing by far: No custom content possible

    My mobile quoting does not seem to work.... Unless something has changed, the online cb includes the exact XML that the offline cb had. I looked at it very early on. The rules dll was kept on their side and they exposed all their content cached on the client side in an XML file, just like...
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    CB's biggest failing by far: No custom content possible

    All of the reasons that I think any custom content will be a long ways coming. Back in the offline cb, the content could be stored locally and not shared with the official content, and it would not effect anyone else. I think this is a huge hurdle for WOTC and I do not see them implemting...
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    CB's biggest failing by far: No custom content possible

    I am not sure how different the new cb scheme is from the old offline one. Back when it was released, they were nearly identical.
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    CB to be Updated 12/21

    I would not call a 13ish MB XML file a big database.
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    Wizards: Musings on the new DDi disaster

    How about characters that are flat out WRONG? That counts as a disaster in my book, expecially when they were not wrong before I imported it from the old CB.
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    Wizards: Musings on the new DDi disaster

    My standard Sorcerer Power Cards are wrong and the calculations are unusable. In fact, all of them say unarmed as the weaon, except the power that actually has Dagger in the name. If it doesn't do what it is supposed to do and I have to do it by hand anyways, why would I use it. Sorcerer...