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  1. yoshikawa666

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    I'm asian and don't need anyone being offended or speaking on my behalf.
  2. yoshikawa666

    Prinny (Homebrew Race)

    I like this, dood!
  3. yoshikawa666

    D&D 5E What classes do you want added to 5e?

    I already do and some of forementioned classes are not present in 4e. And as thread title says, these are the classes I would like to see in 5e.
  4. yoshikawa666

    D&D 5E What classes do you want added to 5e?

    Ninja, Warlord, Assassin, Swashbuckler, Gunslinger, Summoner, Artificer and Rogues and Rangers similar to their 4e counterparts.
  5. yoshikawa666

    How High Level Should the Core Book Go?

    36 is a good number, but 20 levels in core and some sort Epic module at the launch wouldn't be bad either.
  6. yoshikawa666

    Poll - which classes have you played.

    Vampire in 4e Scout and Duelist in 3.5 (aside the ones I checked)
  7. yoshikawa666

    Which core races have you played?

    Deva, Human, Elf, Drow, Eladrin, Half-Elf, Changeling, Tiefling, Shadar-kai, Revenant (drow) and Vryloka.
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    D&D 5E Aging and the 5E PC

    I see no problem with aging, as long it's optional.
  9. yoshikawa666

    Attacks of Opportunity

    Keep them. It's good for the tactics. :heh:
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    D&D 5E How quickly should ability scores increase in 5e?

    I'd like to see it like in 4e. And with no caps (or mortal limits).
  11. yoshikawa666

    Seminar Transcript - Reimagining Skills and Ability Scores

    I don't like the idea of mortal limits for stats + more importance of ability stats + stat-boosting items. Those 3 things together sounds kinda bad, IMHO. I'd rather pick 2 out of these 3.
  12. yoshikawa666

    Delete me

    It seems that I managed to post before this thread gets deleted. :uhoh: