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  1. GMMichael

    D&D (2024) WotC Fireside Chat: Revised 2024 Player’s Handbook

    Thanks for saving me 20 minutes. I'm glad that the races have become species. The cross-breeding was getting out of control. Now if they'd follow suit and make the Classes into Archetypes (warrior, wizard, rogue), the evolution from 3e would be complete. :rolleyes:
  2. GMMichael

    Pale Blue Dot, Revisited

    Indeed. But I'd rather be able to drink affordable coffee in the next 10 years than have a space probe that suggests a human-like life form once resembled me to an apathetic alien. That's a small percentage. But a large amount of money. GDP falls into the category of things in which Carl...
  3. GMMichael

    Pale Blue Dot, Revisited

    What if, instead of reminding the Void of us, that space exploration money were spent on sustainable living and agriculture? Or mental health support for those with "fervent . . . hatred?" WWCSD?
  4. GMMichael

    Pale Blue Dot, Revisited

    We miss you Carl. Every day is Earth Day. But since this is a discussion board... The "confident" part was a nice touch, implying to me that the confidence is unwarranted. If this is all happening on a "mote of dust," there's an implication that this is all insignificant as well. If Earth...
  5. GMMichael

    Peer-Reviewed Study Says Dungeons & Dragons Good for Mental Health

    It wouldn't surprise me to hear that chess actually does make kids smarter. Unlike the large quantities of games that rely heavily on chance and opinion. (I'm sorry, Cards Against. You're still hilarious.)
  6. GMMichael

    Peer-Reviewed Study Says Dungeons & Dragons Good for Mental Health

    So, Games for Health Journal found that a game was good for health? I don't know... my study of 1 participant showed that participants experienced increased headaches and sometimes nausea whenever DMs called for Perception Checks. I couldn't get it peer-reviewed, though.
  7. GMMichael

    D&D 5E What is the Sorcerer?

    Yes, each class has a generic trick that it's supposed to support. And how well that happens is debatable. But 5e classes are defined by their rules to the extent that the players and DMs follow those rules. Since, I would say, the players and DMs follow the rules to the exclusion or...
  8. GMMichael

    D&D General Hasbro Is Looking For Partners For Baldur's Gate 4

    1) Does "on the cards" mean "in the cards?" 2) Me when I saw the time gap between sequels:
  9. GMMichael

    D&D General If you were made president of D&D, what would you do?

    Bring back Incarnum. Just kidding. I'd create a secondary D&D to go alongside 6e, called Hardcore D&D. No death saves, bring back save-or-die spells. Wait... isn't that called Shadowdark?
  10. GMMichael

    WotC WotC President Cynthia Williams Resigns

    I heard she rolled a 1 on her latest Profession (CEO) check. We all know how swingy those checks can be.
  11. GMMichael

    Removing "Friction" In-Game?

    I'm not sure how to literally remove friction, but I'm pretty sure everyone's clothes would instantly fall off.
  12. GMMichael

    Adventure Time TTRPG Drops "Yes And" System, Switches To 5E

    Even if it were 5RD-based? Oddly, this is my reaction when hearing about brand-new games: "Our cool, new game is Kickstarting soon. And it's 5e-based!" Me: "yes, and?"
  13. GMMichael

    Ways of players getting Ability Scores - I require some help!

    This is pretty critical to the discussion. This thread is in TTRPGs General, but it sounds like a d20 system issue. Further, deadly combat is not cause for raising ability scores - it might be a reason to raise hit points, though. If OP is having some confusion about how to design the game...
  14. GMMichael

    Worlds of Design: The Problem with Magimarts

    Maybe they're like today's villains, and they just own the magimarts? Now, I really don't think that +1 longswords would sell very well. Or at all. "Hi. I'm looking for a longsword to buy." (Blacksmith groans subtly at yet another newb.) "Ah, yes, milord. Would you be seeking more of a...
  15. GMMichael

    D&D 5E With Only 4 Ability Scores, How Would You Handle Spellcasting Abilities (+)

    Yuuup. Three attributes are short and sweet. Physical/Body: STR, DEX, CON Mental/Mind: INT, WIS Metaphysical/Soul: CHA, WIS Fourth attribute candidates could be Comeliness, Wealth, or my favorite, Geralt. Physical: paladin, ranger, barbarian (c'mon, Rage is a spell). Mental: sorceror...
  16. GMMichael

    How to Better Cultivate My Crop of Inexperienced Players.

    Inspiration is what you award to a player for cleaning up after his sneeze. Or bringing Cheetos. A backstory is going to take a larger bribe. I'd start prompting the PCs and record the results, if I were you. "You take that spear with you everywhere? Where did you find it? Who taught you...
  17. GMMichael

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Libram of Lost Spells, ASTROPRISMA, Mystic Punks, and more

    . . . and the bikini was invented in 1946. But one word explains it here, as usual: magic. By the way, I love the The Folio's art!
  18. GMMichael

    D&D General Which type of True Neutral are you?

    Partaking of either extreme has its own term: sociopath. Seriously, an extreme-partaker is probably going to be chaotic, and cannot then be considered true neutral. You can avoid an extreme, but all actions are aligned. The gods have deemed it so. So being true neutral means that most of...
  19. GMMichael

    What is/are your most recent TTRPG purchase(s)?

    Most recent: Numenera, 1st edition. That was back in 2017, I guess. No, no... I picked up a book of D&D encounters from a wandering troop of acrobats in 2023. So you see, I save lots of money for an adventurer's primary expenditure: ale.
  20. GMMichael

    Worlds of Design: How Original Is Your Homebrew?

    Is that why Rebel Moon went down poorly? I . . . can't even. Heck. No. Everything that can be invented has been invented. But I do worry about predictability. I don't need PCs figuring out what's going on before I want them to. Which makes things difficult if one of them has a Mental...