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    RPG Evolution: Solving the Gnome Problem

    I solve the problem by making gnomes very fey-like (magical and tricksy and whimsical, living in secluded communities in exotic locales, like inside of trees or under a hill or in the actual Feywild) and making halflings very human-like (simple farmers and merchants, living in or near human...
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    D&D General A d12 (not d20) D&D System?

    This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but look at the quick-start for the new Batman RPG: Check Out The Gotham City Chronicles Quickstart In some places, the d20 roll is replaced by a d12 roll as a form of penalty. For example, Batman can make a whopping five attacks, but if he makes...
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    The GM is Not There to Entertain You

    As a DM, I don't even try in the slightest to make the game fun. I make the game interesting. Then the players bring the fun.
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    Worlds of Design: The Rules of Magic

    In the actual Middle Ages, everyone* was convinced that magic was real, monsters were real and lurked around every corner, etc. BUT, they didn't know precisely how these things worked. Magic was incredibly mysterious because the people didn't have easy access to it -- they couldn't figure out...
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    Lancer RPG Suspends Kickstarter Fulfillment

    In Case You Missed It: (emphasis in original)
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    D&D General When you continue playing after a multi-month break (tips needed)

    ("Wrong Thread" is because I posted a big reply about the West Marches and then deleted it... :p ) The thing I like about Love Letters is that it gets the players playing right away, and that gets them engaged and thinking and motivated to remember what was happening. So to me, the "pick your...
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    D&D General Worldbuilding considerations for a West Marches sandbox

    I ran a West Marches-style campaign back in 4E (there were only 5 players so we didn't get the full experience). Regarding lore, there were four distinct eras in the region's history, with the oldest being a mythical era thousands of years ago, and the most recent being an influx of colonists...
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    D&D General When you continue playing after a multi-month break (tips needed)

    Google "apocalypse world love letters"
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    D&D General Why do we Round Down???

    What if the housecat is also raging? Those things can get pretty scary.
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    D&D General Why do we Round Down???

    OK, a quick search of D&D beyond shows these things rounding down: Ritual Caster feat in the PHB Shield Guardian monster stat block from the MM Cleric variant feature from Tasha's Living Armor from Eberron DDB will only return 35 results, and that's just for sources I have unlocked and only...
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    D&D General Why do we Round Down???

    There are only a couple of "(round up)" rules in the PHB, but supplements have more of them, and third-party stuff is rotten with them, especially variant class and race features. It's just an annoying little thing that I'd rather not have to think about, especially since it serves so no...
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    D&D 5E Customizing Home Base

    Direct Link! Party Base Or if you prefer the Homebrewery source: Party Base
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    D&D General Why do we Round Down???

    3.0/3.5 also had some strange rules around multiplication (x*2*2 = x*3, x*3*4=x*6, etc.). The 5e "multiclass spellcasting" rules also specify a very particular order-of-operations. I have a new guideline for game designers: If you feel compelled to teach your players how to do basic math, your...
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    D&D General Mithral v Silver

    I treat mithril as silver with regards to damage reduction. As mentioned, mithril's basically Super-Silver. As an aside, I allow druids to wear mithril armor and also alchemically silvered armor. Since silver is like a sacred moon-metal, and it can be worked at lower temperatures.
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    D&D 5E Customizing Home Base

    I made this thing! It's only 3 pages and is meant to look more like an equipment list than an entirely new subsystem to learn. Party Base
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    D&D 5E How Would You Implement Skill Deficiencies in D&D 5e?

    When we played Tomb of Annihilation we all got skill subspecialites like Fishing, Foraging, Cooking, Navigating, etc. so that the wilderness-travel stuff wasn't just always being handled by the guy with Survival. The specialty would give you a +2. The system worked reasonably well.
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    D&D General Why do we Round Down???

    ...Or we could just not mention it and round everything the way normal humans round in their everyday lives?
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    D&D General Why do we Round Down???

    I'm mostly curious about 5e but tagging this General because "always round down" is such a longstanding tradition in D&D. What's the point? Why not "always round the way your 3rd-grade math teacher taught you?" As far as I can tell, the main effect that "always round down" has on the game is...
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    D&D General Reasons to prefer magical armor to more effective non-magical one

    Magic armor isn't destroyed by a disintegrate spell, so, uh, that's cool for your next-of-kin, I guess.