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  2. Southern Oracle

    D&D 5E Gem of Your Collection

    Mine is a sketch by Claudio Pozas...a modron and the Lady of Pain...and a dabus!
  3. Southern Oracle

    Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

    Hey everyone! This kickstarter is already funded, but they're adding some cool stretch goals. A friend of mine is the author. I can't wait for this game to come out (Sherlock is a hot commodity right now, what with Elementary and the BBC's Sherlock). Check it out...
  4. Southern Oracle

    Planescape-style - How do you run a planar adventure?

    I have run a Planescape campaign for the last 10 years, and every peripheral campaign I've run in that time has also been a planar campaign (even if the players never realized it). I like the planar sandbox, because I can explore concepts, try out new settings, and "test" new rules without a...
  5. Southern Oracle

    One Scary Monster

    As the weather grows cool and the leaves start to change color, the excitement for Halloween starts to build. The holidays eat up a lot of free time, so me and my friends try to squeeze in as much gaming as we can in October to offset the dearth of gaming around Christmas and New Year’s. In...
  6. Southern Oracle

    What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

    Okay, the title may be a bit misleading, although Adventure Time is a great inspiration for D&D. What I’m alluding to is the time of year when gaming gets “kicked up a notch.” What makes it so special? There are two things – the first is Halloween, and the second is fall television show...
  7. Southern Oracle

    Which Rogue Is Which?

    A while back I showcased the rogue from the previous D&D Next playtest, discussing how the class advanced from 1st to 20th level (you can find it here). The final public playtest has now been released, and I’d like to see how the rogue has changed from one version to the next. Join me as Gerta...
  8. Southern Oracle

    Did You Get Magic in My D&D?

    I have done this, since I have a surplus of old, old cards (I've played since Beta). Magic does have some of the best art in gaming.
  9. Southern Oracle

    Did You Get Magic in My D&D?

    Previews of the upcoming Magic the Gathering block called Theros are all over the internet, and the theme is obvious – Greek mythology. As I scanned through the cards, I realized how many of the creatures were prevalent in both Magic and D&D, and I got to thinking that now more than ever is a...
  10. Southern Oracle

    Did Planehopping Get Its Groove Back?

    It’s been a long time since my online Planescape group has been able to get together. With two continents, three time zones, five players, jobs, spouses, significant others, children, holidays, etc, it’s not been easy to keep things going for 10 years. But Sunday afternoon the stars were...
  11. Southern Oracle

    Eberron for Two, Part Two

    We join our dynamic duo as they lurk outside a ruined tower while Brelish and Cyre forces clash on the Saerun Road below the hill. Each has mission; can they work together to accomplish them? For the first part of this article, see here. My daughter and her boyfriend played their first...
  12. Southern Oracle

    Eberron for Two

    The other day I was working on one of my campaigns in the living room while daughter #3 and her boyfriend were watching an anime called Fairy Tail ( They had been bugging me for a while to run a D&D campaign for them, but I had put it off for lack of...
  13. Southern Oracle

    1 Rogue, Coming Up

    A couple weeks ago I gave a comparison between a 1st-level barbarian and a 20th-level barbarian for D&D Next from the latest playtest packet. I know Wizards of the Coast announced one final playtest packet for this year at Gen Con, so the information from this packet is living on borrowed time...
  14. Southern Oracle

    How Does Your Barbarian Grow?

    I just "assumed" that by 20th level, Hrothgar would have the best he could get. However, I stuck to only what was pre-made in the documents, as I have no idea how high pluses will go on magic items, nor the kinds of item and power combinations that will be allowed.
  15. Southern Oracle

    Do You Have Con Fever?

    It’s that time of the year. Countdown to Gen Con, Dragoncon right around the corner, and a bunch of other conventions throughout the U.S. (and the world) to let you indulge in gaming goodness. I know what I’d love to do, and I know what I can do. What about you? This year, I only have the...
  16. Southern Oracle

    How Does Your Barbarian Grow?

    As I write this, the latest playtest packet for D&D Next has been out only a few days, so I haven’t had a lot of time to dissect it. However, I wanted to do a quick comparison, so I statted out a 1st-level human barbarian (we’ll name him Hrothgar), and then I advanced him to 20th level and...
  17. Southern Oracle

    How Do You Choose a Character?

    Within the framework of D&D 4E, “success” is achieved by having the appropriate mix of classes. Assuming the right number of players, you need at least one leader, one striker, one defender, and one controller, with additional characters expanding the striker or defender role. Leave out one of...
  18. Southern Oracle

    4 Setting Seductions

    Obi-Wan and Yoda were Force users, yes, but their actions didn't impact the story as a whole. The fact that I forgot about them points to how little they were involved in the action. :P My point was that Force users and the Force did not dominate the original movies the way it did the latter...
  19. Southern Oracle

    4 Setting Seductions

    There are four settings that have captured my imagination in recent months, only three of which are rpgs. Interestingly enough, none of them are D&D. Below I break down what appeals to me and why I’m willing to branch out after all these years. Android: Netrunner This card game from Fantasy...
  20. Southern Oracle

    8 More Planescape Factions as 4E Templates

    Here are the rest of Sigil's factions as 4E templates, equally useful for characters and NPCs. Fraternity of Order Power Source: Belief. Guvner Elite Controller Defenses: +1 Fortitude, +1 Will. Saving Throws: +2. Action Point: 1. Hit Points: +8 per level + Constitution score. Weapon...