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  1. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E Guild Adepts: Ruins of Mezro

    Oh, cool! I totally see that now =) Any similarities there aren't intended: I based the map very closely on the Mezro map from Jungles of Chult, updated to match the information given in Tomb of Annihilation.
  2. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E Guild Adepts: Ruins of Mezro

    Hey all, with Tomb of Annihilation on the shelves, I'd like to draw your attention to Ruins of Mezro: a tie-in product that I've just submitted to the DMs Guild as part of the "Guild Adepts" program It's a 40-page guide to running sandbox...
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  4. Will Doyle

    Tomb of Annihilation Is Here - What Do You Think?

    I don't know about grungs, but tortles are being released separately on the DMs Guild soon as part of a supplement to raise cash for Extra Life:
  5. Will Doyle

    Expanded Masks of Nyarlathotep Coming from Chaosium

    That sounds about right. We're in the final throes, and we started five years ago.
  6. Will Doyle

    #RPGaDAY Day 02: What is an RPG you would like to see published?

    I'd love to see a decent real crime RPG. Contemporary setting, "True Detective" sort of thing. Shades of "Seven", "Silence of the Lambs", "The Wire". Players take on roles as part of a detail trying to track down serial killers or dangerous drug cartels. Nothing otherworldly. Probably suited to...
  7. Will Doyle

    Games Workshop And Cubicle 7 Announce Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition

    I love WFRP. One of the best descriptions of it I've heard is: "The bastard love child of D&D and Call of Cthulhu". It's classic high fantasy in a gritty medieval world threatened by the encroachment of chaos gods. Magic is powerful, but exposes the caster to chaos corruption and is quite rare...
  8. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E 10th level mage/necromancer however i dont feel like a necromancer

    I have a 10th level necromancer and I'm really enjoying playing him! I use Animate Dead over time to build up a zombie horde, and then use the Healer feat to stitch them up between encounters. They're mostly used as blockers to control the battlefield and soak up enemy damage, so their overall...
  9. Will Doyle

    Faction Mentors

    Make it easier to mentor. Rank 4 feels way too high to me (11th+ level, 25+ renown, 3+ secret missions). You're most likely to want to apprentice someone at your same table, but it seems unlikely that anybody at tier 3 is going to want to become an apprentice to another character in their own...
  10. Will Doyle

    Looking Back At Chaosium's Stormbringer Role-Playing Game

    Stormbringer's "Rogue Mistress" campaign definitely ranks in my top three campaigns of all time.
  11. Will Doyle

    [UPDATED - With Cubicle 7] Games Workshop Concluding Deal For Licensing Rights To Warhammer Fantasy

    Their approach to licensing doesn't seem to support that view at present though. See "Warhammer: Total War": released after Age of Sigmar, rooted in the Old World setting, with plenty of expansion packs scheduled.
  12. Will Doyle

    [UPDATED - With Cubicle 7] Games Workshop Concluding Deal For Licensing Rights To Warhammer Fantasy

    2nd ed rules chassis with 1ed setting would make me very happy.
  13. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E Pixies

    Hey, thank you! :) I've since run this adventure at three or four conventions here in the UK and the pixie characters always seem fun to play.
  14. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E Most Underrated D&D Module

    The UK mods were great. I'll throw in a vote for "UK6: All That Glitters...": a proper quest into the unknown, based on a fragmented treasure map. Great fun.
  15. Will Doyle

    Have You played In An Official D&D Adventurer's League Event?

    Here in the UK the Adventurers League doesn't have such a large presence, as there are so few stores about to organize events. All the experiences I've had with the program have been terrific though. In general, gaming with strangers - both as DM and player - has taught me so much, and the AL...
  16. Will Doyle

    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    Haha nice, I'll take you up on that!
  17. Will Doyle

    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    Cheers, I'm looking forward to saying hello!
  18. Will Doyle

    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    I guess I got super lucky - I managed to get everything I was hoping for (D&D experience plus three AO adventures). Just as well, as we're flying over from the UK for this one!
  19. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E Cloud of daggers aoe

    Jeremy Crawford answered this one on twitter a while back. It's a cube with sides that are 5 feet across. If you're using a grid, it fills one square. If your DM allows it, you could position the cube on the intersection between squares, thus affecting up to 4 squares...
  20. Will Doyle

    D&D 5E 5E: The Best and the Worst

    Like: Bounded accuracy. Dislike: The final list of skills that we ended up with.