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  1. Glyfair

    Freeport FATE Core edition

    A pre-release version has been released to the Kickstarter backers in the past couple of days. I have to admit, there is a lot more here than I thought there would be. Given the volume of materials released to the Kickstarter backers, I have just browsed through it. The Fate version they...
  2. Glyfair

    Nominate the third inductee into the RPG Hall of Fame!

    I have to nominate Greg Stafford. From him and his works have spawned: Glorantha - One of the most creative, mythological RPG worlds. Runequest - One of the most successful fantasy RPG's after D&D. Pendragon - An innovative RPG, where you not only roleplay a character, but also can roleplay...
  3. Glyfair

    Tiny PDFs - not a fan.

    This is my main issue with them. When I search or browse for a specific product type, I hate wading through pages of entries for these tiny products to find the sort of product I want. The big sales at RPGNow is the most common example of this. I want to page through and see if there is...
  4. Glyfair

    Silver Spring Hobby & Games Closes Its Doors

    As it turns out, a favorite book/game store in Delaware announced it was going out of business last week, Between Books. Yesterday the local paper even had a story covering it. While there is another game store further south, I had a good relationship with the owner, Greg, and it is a shame he...
  5. Glyfair

    WotC PDF??? So Morrus Tweeted this

    Actually, the story is in the RPGNow description of the book, which points out that TSR willing pulled them from the book after coming to an agreement that allowed them to be published. As of this moment, 10 of the top 15 at RPGNow are all D&D titles with the Basic Set being number 1, and B2...
  6. Glyfair

    Kickstarter Order of the Stick #864 - "Bet It Would Get Funded on Kickstarter" uip

    And there was much rejoicing.
  7. Glyfair

    Kobold Quarterly no more...

    Which is ironic because Kobold Quarterly started as a PDF magazine. Wolfgang decided to arrange to a some print copies produced for those who wanted only print. By the second issue, if I recall correctly, they produced enough to get into gaming stores at an excellent price.
  8. Glyfair

    Where would you put a D&D museum?

    However, if there was only one Ancient Greek Art museum, wouldn't it be odd to have none in Greece? The sentimental choice is Lake Geneva. The practical choices are Seattle and Indianapolis. Of the practical choices, I go for Seattle, as there are more roleplaying resources in that area...
  9. Glyfair

    Kickstarter Examiner Article on Forming Kickstarter RPG Category

    Actually, I was on today looking at the final bits of the Hillfolk kickstarter and noticed that it is labeled as table-top games. I don't think that is sufficient for my needs, though.
  10. Glyfair

    your experiences with collaborative world building

    In my experience, it is much better when the player automatically has a buy-in of the area you want them to flesh out. If you give an overview of the area and a player decides his player is from an area that hasn't been fleshed out, while developing his character he can develop that area.
  11. Glyfair

    FLGS Research

    Perhaps the issue here is that while gaming stores might be someplace you mean to go, it's not the sort of place you often look up. If you know where one is, you will investigate and periodically return. If you don't know where one is, you don't often search for one.
  12. Glyfair

    What is an elegant system?

    Two games come to mind when I think about elegant games. Greg Stafford's Prince Valiant is one. A very simple system, that can cover a wide range of actions. It is an excellent beginning game system. It even use the most basic randomizer, coins. The second also has ties to Greg Stafford's...
  13. Glyfair

    FLGS Research

    As has been stated before, the best game stores become the center spot of a community. You are going to return anyway, so you will be there to pick it up. This way you also avoid shipping fees (or having to meet a minimum to get free shipping). As to the community issue, location, location...
  14. Glyfair

    Free RPG Day 2012 PDF Link Compilation

    Brass and Steel Quickstart: The Case of the Croquet Mallet
  15. Glyfair

    Location of White Plume Mountain

    In Eberron Xen'drik, Q'barra, Droaam and the Shadow Marshes could all work well.
  16. Glyfair

    Published adventures that do not require a DM

    Solo adventure means 1 player, no DM. An adventure for 1 PC and requiring a DM is usually a "one on One" adventure.
  17. Glyfair

    The Defining Adventure Modules for each Edition

    Well, we certainly could discuss and argue when the OD&D era ended and tje AD&D era began, as the full complement of books for AD&D didn't hit until 1979. You couldn't even play AD&D until 1978 when the PHB was released. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that many more Judges Guild...
  18. Glyfair

    The Defining Adventure Modules for each Edition

    Not quite true. There were no TSR modules, but there were third party modules. Judges Guild produced the majority of those. Given that, my vote would be for Tegel Manor.
  19. Glyfair

    How Many Editions of D&D Has There Really Been?

    All in all this is a pointless question until you define terms. What is an "edition"? The dictionary is not a lot of help as none of the definitions (at least at come close to what people expect. Most of those definitions would have multiple editions just within say AD&D as...
  20. Glyfair

    Reviews you can trust?

    That would make sense. Most people consider buying a product shortly after it is released. Obviously reviews are most useful to people who are considering buying the product, so reviews based on thorough playtests over a length of time will be of limited use.