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  1. HiLiphNY

    Mortality Radio podcasts

    I was a fan, too, and loved the shoutcast format alongside chat room questions and answers. Miss the guys. .
  2. HiLiphNY

    will 4.0 succeed?

    Interesting read going back to the postings from 2008 - lots of unbridled optimism and praise that seems somewhat naive now. I see some pretty similar sentiments playing out for this new iteration.
  3. HiLiphNY

    What's the best and worst D&D book you own from any edition?

    Best: Ptolus Worst: Savage Species
  4. HiLiphNY

    Gamemaster wanted

    I believe it would be helpful to give the location of said game, yes?
  5. HiLiphNY

    how do FLGSs make money?

    Read here:
  6. HiLiphNY

    Who’s Going to Gen Con?

    I'm in, like Flynn! I'll be slinging dice and taking names! This will be year 10 - and probably the last one without some children in tow. See you all, soon!
  7. HiLiphNY

    Who's going to Gen Con?

    I'm in, baby! My 10th year! Booyah!
  8. HiLiphNY

    Pathfinder 1E Best Pathfinder, non-AP module/adventure?

    I'm looking for your favorite non-AP module for my group. Any standouts, particularly in the Pathfinder line.
  9. HiLiphNY

    Strangest place you've gamed...?

    In a car. . .while driving. . .I DMed. It was a Pathfinder rules version of the first few levels of Monte Cook's dungeon. We were driving up to Montreal for one of the players' bachelor weekends. All's well that ends well. . .
  10. HiLiphNY

    Dungeon Master’s Keep - $150 GM Screen?

    Count me in, I think it's awesome! People though I was insane for buying an copy of the War of the Ring Collector's edition. That has now almost tripled in value. But I ain't buying this for a flip. . .I think it will really look amazing on the tabletop. As far as editions are concerned, we...
  11. HiLiphNY

    Pathfinder 1E Roll Call: The Pathfinder RPG

    Got it. Love it. Live it.
  12. HiLiphNY

    Are you attending Gen Con 2009?

    I'm in! Me and the girl will be there! My 7th, her first.
  13. HiLiphNY

    Why Did No One Tell me? Ultimate Toolbox!

    I missed this release. . . saw it driven before me. . . and heard the lamentations of my women. Damn. Well, good thing I just picked it up off the net!
  14. HiLiphNY

    Ema's RPG Sheet Website down...

    Desperately low sales of 4e relative to those seen initially with 3.0 call for desperate behaviour, I suppose. Yes, I'm having flashbacks of TSR during the 2E days with respect to their treatment of fan websites. Maybe they will discuss it on their slick, polished, and informative Podcast...
  15. HiLiphNY

    So, what disappears on January 1st?

    Lost forever "Lest it be lost forever. . . " I know there are those out there who would pretend that p2p doesn't exist and that it is the evil of all evils. I advise folks to buy what they can at all times, however, since this is an extinction-level event, I think we should be somewhat calmed...
  16. HiLiphNY's that GSL coming along?

    Let me preface this by saying I'm not a 4E hater. . . I'm really sad at the entire D&D state of affairs. For the last 12 months we have been bombarded with promo material telling us such things as the fun is finally being put back into D&D. Um, okay. Now, we get a product which seems to...
  17. HiLiphNY

    Pathfinder OGL/3.5 RPG system from Paizo

    Outstanding move, Paizo-Peeps! I was not really going to upgrade to 4E, but would possibly have slid down into it eventually. Now, i have me some salvation! Many thanks.
  18. HiLiphNY

    Las Vegas Game Stores

    I'll be in Vegas for a bit and wanted to check out the local flavour a bit. . .no, not that flavour, dirtbags! Looking for suggestions for some RPG shops close to the strip.
  19. HiLiphNY

    Best Non-Wizards 3.0/3.5 products?

    Ptolus Book of Templates - Got it for $3 at the Goodman booth at Gencon!!! Goods & Gear - Kenzerco
  20. HiLiphNY

    What other games do you play?

    Aces & Eights Arcana Evolved Paranoia Witch Hunter Delta Green Champions