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  1. Garnfellow

    D&D General Russ Nicholson passes, Rest in Peace.

    Early White Dwarf magazines are graced with many great Russ illustrations -- paging through those issues is like finding a lost section of the 1e Fiend Folio. I suspect many wacky FF monsters never would have caught on in the game if not for an evocative Russ drawing. In tribute to the man I...
  2. Garnfellow

    Eric "Shade" Jansing (1971-2012)

    I haven't been around EN World regularly for a long time, but whenever I did check in I always swung by the CC, and I found it so comforting to see Shade continuing to plug away at monster conversions. A very generous and prolific contributor, I bounced a lot of ideas off him and he always had...
  3. Garnfellow

    Monster Book?

    How is the Monster Book coming?
  4. Garnfellow

    Grim Tales PDF...

    This is still an awesome idea.
  5. Garnfellow

    Grim Tales PDF

    Is Grim Tales not available as a PDF?
  6. Garnfellow

    Obscure demon lords

    Your best bet for more details would be the Gord novels. There are lots of bits and pieces scattered throughout. Several demon lords in the novels have names that are suspiciously close to names on the list and are probably one and the same. For example, Vuron (the adviser to Graz'zt) sounds...
  7. Garnfellow

    What has Wizards been doing right?

    Magic: The Gathering is doing fantastic right now.
  8. Garnfellow

    Status on the Monster Project?

    Seems like an awfully long time since we've heard anything about it.
  9. Garnfellow

    Karnstein Vampires

    In the run-up to Halloween I watched a bunch of classic Hammer horror films, including 1970's The Vampire Lovers, based on J. Sheridan Le Fanu's novella Carmilla. I was struck by a few things -- how reasonably faithful the movie was to the source, the variant abilities of the vampires (for...
  10. Garnfellow

    companies staying away from rpg gamers

    [No message]
  11. Garnfellow

    Dangerous Journeys...

    Mechanically awful, just awful. Some interesting bits of classic Gygax flavor scattered throughout, but it was a hard slog to find them. One of the greatest things Necromancer Games ever did was to translate the mega-adventure Necropolis into the d20 system.
  12. Garnfellow

    PATRONS of the MONSTROUS ARTS [Official Thread]

    Where I am we missed all the rain (and all the snow earlier). My cross-country skis and snowshoes got hung up the second week of January and never came down again. Last year I was still going strong into the second week of April.
  13. Garnfellow

    PATRONS of the MONSTROUS ARTS [Official Thread]

    Awesome. I wasn't sure if there was a super-secret patron forum I was missing out on. And I hear you about the weather here in New England: hard to get anything done that doesn't involve beer, grills, or being outside.
  14. Garnfellow

    The Nav'i Language and Gamer Culture

    There's a neat article over at on the surge of fan interest in learning the fictional Na'vi language, just as people have taken up Klingon. But what I found really interesting, from a gamer's perspective, was the intense desire for many of these fans to establish an authority over...
  15. Garnfellow

    Dear 4e, Please Stop with the Horrible Portmanteaus!

    I thought you had already established you don't care much about names. I have a blind friend who doesn't really get very wound up about colors, either, which is fine. But I'm still not wearing that fuchsia shirt he bought me!
  16. Garnfellow

    Dear 4e, Please Stop with the Horrible Portmanteaus!

    I'm afraid I'm finding these arguments of "hey, I found a stupid name once from 1e" or "hey, here's a real-life example of a portmanteau" profoundly unpersuasive defenses of the bad 4e portmanteaus. (And keep in mind, I'm not objecting to any & all portmanteaus, just the...
  17. Garnfellow

    Dear 4e, Please Stop with the Horrible Portmanteaus!

    Yup, MtG has generally had very cool names, so it's not like there's something in the water supply at Renton. Sengir vampire: What the heck is Sengir? Probably a place. The word sounds nasty, and since it has vampires it must one bad-ass place.
  18. Garnfellow

    Dear 4e, Please Stop with the Horrible Portmanteaus!

    If a name can't be cool or evocative, it sure as heck ought to at least be utilitarian. Fighting Man, Magic User, Gelatinous Cube, or Owlbear all might be prosaic, but do you really have any confusion over what any of those terms signify? If not, mission accomplished -- albeit without any...