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  1. Lince'sa

    one more cry

    so I tried to log into an old character, and I couldn't... because I wasn't sure if it was two words with an underscore or just two words. now the name isn't easy to spell either, so it's not easy to remember. also I use a few different passwords, so it's not entirely obvious to me which one I...
  2. Lince'sa

    Hoarding Names

    how does one find the time to register 7o names at once? Wow...
  3. Lince'sa

    Am I the only one?

    in MANY, not all cases, it's because I hit shift or some other such button before I hit enter and it sends my post to the next line. I spend 5+ minutes waiting to see a response to a line I never typed in open chat, give up and reboot. This isn't always the case, but it happens. next time it...
  4. Lince'sa

    Non CRT Rooms

    Over the weekend I noticed a number of people enjoying the non CRT rooms. I jsut wanted to say "even though I did not have time to stop by and play, weekends being hectic for me, I am glad you all came out and used them. it's good to see people in the other rooms and wether or not you did it for...
  5. Lince'sa

    Non CRT Rooms

    how many people actually plan on making the other rooms a consistant staple in their Role-playing? since I've brought Lin back I've seen maybe 10 people, that's it. should we just accept that no one really plans to use the rooms often? if so I'm just going to scrap my idea and open a cloak shop...
  6. Lince'sa


    they had one before. People started to abuse it and spoiled it for everyone else. Plus there was crying about people going off to their own rooms with their cliques. so now everyone's clique brushes people off in public rooms instead, and people with ligitimate reasons for needing a PR can't...
  7. Lince'sa

    March A new character month?

    so I can't bribe him? people bribe public servants all the time... : )
  8. Lince'sa

    March A new character month?

    First I would like to thank everyone that has followed through by using Characters in the less populated rooms. I realize it's hard sometimes and your "sacrifice" is much appriciated. Lin is having fun building her shop, the name has not yet been determined. also I have having a trouble coming...
  9. Lince'sa

    Missing a loved one?

    A woman enters the tavern dressed in old worn clothes, with cloth strips wrapped around her feet to keep them from the snow and bitter air of the winter season. Over her cothing she wears a cloak with the hood up. She places a note on the cork board. The note reads: "A young elven woman was...
  10. Lince'sa

    March A new character month?

    the stain itself is irrelivant, just the infectious nature of bloodborn disease and smell of decaying blood. the stain would add to the atmosphere.
  11. Lince'sa

    March A new character month?

    I'll be coming up with a menu sooner or later, right now going through the trouble to RP BUILDING the place. But Rest Assured! the Famos Drow Mushroom Soup will be on it!. Large firm mushrooms, marinated in onion juices and encrusted with a fine variety of spices, then flash cooked in boiling...
  12. Lince'sa

    March A new character month?

    I'm calling your bluffs so far every time I've logged into the site with a character and hung around waiting for people to follow suit and come in to RP I've found, MAYBE one other person at time enter, the tavern is still full. I'm not condeming them for wanting to play in the setting they are...
  13. Lince'sa

    Anyone else STILL having these problems?

    Think we can get Microsoft to make an error promt everytime you log onto windows? "WARNING: Microsoft has recovered from a fatal error (on your part)! You logged into windows and must now delete it and find a stable Operating System that works with everything. However, since we at Microsoft...
  14. Lince'sa

    Anyone else STILL having these problems?

    Right now I see, on the right hand side of the screen on the list of most recent postings. Some of them, I can see, have the Topic, and under them have the most recent poster. I can click on the topic and see the entire thread and make a post. That's how it's suppsoed to work. Others however I...
  15. Lince'sa


    The Problem: I would LOVE to see the other rooms get used, the problem seems to be everyone has popular characters in tavern. and don't want to start all over again in a new room with new people. While the characters are always meeting new people, the they are meeting the same new people...
  16. Lince'sa

    Happy 2007!!!!

    is it 2007? uh oh... I think I'm late for work
  17. Lince'sa

    Helpful advice on how to develop new chars.

    it's time for next lesson in Drow : ) I make my characters, sometimes with intents and purposes. there is something I want them to do. I give them a personalilty to match. Sometimes I give them a personality first. Lince'sa, started out with, MAAAAAYBE too much personality. Saera can probably...
  18. Lince'sa

    Database clean up on usernames

    having to remake a ton of characters people do use to get rid of the ones they don't is bad. some people have a lot of characters they use, the ones they don't use many are willing to send in for deletion. there's no reason for everyone to have to remake all their characters.
  19. Lince'sa

    Database clean up on usernames

    Ruthia, dear, send all those Ruthia to him that you can't use so you can use Ruthia again, instead of Ruthia rev. 3.312 : )
  20. Lince'sa


    NOW she waits to be talked to (hence why no one does) and she tries to best to be as rude and mean as possible so they'll leave her alone (hence why EVERYONE does) the reason is private IC matter, I keep puntuating this, every keeps missing it "she is NOT GONE, I'm not bringing her in to the...