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    Dungeons & Dragons: The Fallbacks: Bound for Ruin Review

    If the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: Road to Neverwinter novel whet your appetite for D&D fiction (or more D&D fiction), the new novel, Dungeons & Dragons: The Fallbacks: Bound for Ruin will satisfy that urge. Both novels were written by Jaleigh Johnson, a veteran of Forgotten Realms'...
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    Serving Up A Heroes Feast for the Multiverse

    Once wasn't enough this year for authors Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, Michael Witwer, and Sam Witwer. In addition to their recent release, Dungeons & Dragons Lore & Legends, which focused on the history of 5th edition thus far, the foursome also have a followup to their 2020 book Heroes Feast The...
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    Your 2023 D&D Gift Guide

    2023 was a big – and difficult – year for Dungeons & Dragons, but if a D&D lover is on your holiday gift list, you have a lot to choose from this year. No matter your budget, there's something for every taste in a wide variety of categories. A lot of D&D items this year, understandably, tie...
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    Exquisite Exandria: A Feast for Critters

    If you're a Critter or just a fan of the world building in Critical Role and Matthew Mercer's often luscious setting descriptions, including the food, Exquisite Exandria is for you. This hardcover combines a cookbook with setting resources for fans, much like Heroes Feast did for the food of...
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    A Look at the New Deck of Many Things

    The magical item, The Deck of Many Things, has a long history within D&D, first created for the Greyhawk setting and then appearing in every edition of the game in some fashion, either among magic items in the DMG or as part of various adventures. The new Deck of Many Things product set for 5E...
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    Lore & Legends Sheds New Light on D&D 5E

    They're back! Michael Witwer, Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, and Sam Witwer, authors of Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana, have written a new book, Dungeons & Dragons Lore & Legends. Like Art & Arcana, Lore & Legends is a hefty hardcover that would probably do club-like in combat, but L&L focuses on...
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    Sneak Peek of D&D's The Deck of Many Things

    This November, Wizards is releasing The Deck of Many Things boxed set and making it much more than just a physical version of an in-game item. First appearing in Greyhawk, The Deck of Many Things is a powerful magic item in D&D lore that has been included in the magic item sections of virtually...
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    Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse Review

    After years of fan requests, Planescape is finally back and updated for 5E. Instead of a single hardcover, the iconic multiverse setting has gotten the fancy treatment that Spelljammer: Adventures in Space received last year, as well as a similar name. Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse...
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    Sneak Peak of Planescape: A Preview

    Fans of Planescape, eager for a 5E version, as well as the Planescape curious, don't have much longer to wait. The Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse slipcases (one regular for general sale and one with alternate covers for game and hobby stores only) will be in stores on Tuesday, October...
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    Digging Into Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

    Since Lost Mine of Phandelver has consistently ranked as the most popular 5E adventure, the announcement that Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk would expand on and follow that story made sense. How well it works for your group will depend upon what you liked about LMoP. Please Note...
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    Sneak Peak of Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

    The Lost Mines of Phandelver has become one of the most popular D&D adventures ever. First appearing in the D&D Starter Set, during COVID lockdown Wizards made the adventure a free download on D&D Beyond. Now, that classic adventure is the starting point for a full hardcover adventure called...
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    The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons Review

    As if to continue the rivalry between giants and dragons, just one week after the release of Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants Wizards of the Coast has released a new book on dragons. The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons is not a replacement for Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. In fact, it's...
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    Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants Review

    Project lead James Wyatt is back with another creature-specific D&D book like 2021's Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. In fact, both books follow a similar format, making Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants very much a companion piece to FToD, though they can be used completely independent of each...
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    Dragonlance: Dragons of Fate Review

    Like last year, the second book in the Dragonlance Destinies trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman arrives in time for Gen Con. Dragonlance: Dragons of Fate picks up the time-travel adventure shortly after the Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit ended, but with a brief, in-character recap to...
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    Cracking the Safe: Beadle & Grimm's DM Vault for Keys to the Golden Vault

    Those clever goblins at Beadle & Grimm's are at it again! B&G has made its reputation by producing gorgeous, well thought-out luxury editions of Dungeons & Dragons products. From metal adventure “artifacts” brought to life to maps, NPC cards, and more to softcover versions of the book broken...
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    D&D General D&D Creator Summit--VTT & One D&D

    No one asked that question during the afternoon session. However, there was an earlier session I wasn't covering where in-person attendees seem to have been able to try out the latest version of the VTT. I have no idea if anyone asked the question then.
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    D&D General D&D Creator Summit--VTT & One D&D

    It was Teams and live captioning was an option for the virtual attendees. For a variety of accessibility reasons sign language interpreters were also on site and broadcast in one of the windoes for virtual attendees.
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    D&D General D&D Creator Summit--VTT & One D&D

    One person brought up mental healthcare more than once. Another person brought up "how are you going to make it up to us" in regard to the abuse taken and trust broken. I think, like the person asking about mental healthcare, this second person repeated the question again later. It was a little...
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    D&D General D&D Creator Summit--VTT & One D&D

    We'll be updating live from the afternoon session of the D&D Creator Summit so refresh for new content. D&D Virtual Tabletop The afternoon session began with a look at the upcoming D&D Virtual Tabletop (VTT). Screenshots of the livestream were not allowed so I can't show you what we saw. We...
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