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    Favorite D&D Retroclone?

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    Gygax Magazine? [UPDATE 3 - Electric Boogaloo]

    Gail fails again. Mod Note: see my post below. ~Umbran
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    What's your favorite edition of D&D (so far)?

    Are there any other people who prefer the 3.0 core over the 3.5 core, and why?
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    The Defining Adventure Modules for each Edition

    OD&D - none almost by definition, but Tegel Manor works IMO. Basic - The Keep on the Borderlands hands down. AD&D - The Temple of Elemental Evil by a mile (yeah yeah, spare me the faux shock). AD&D 2e - If you’re not going to break it down by setting, you almost have to go with the big...
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    Going Retro

    After Gary Gygax’s death, the prices on eBay sky-rocketed on his classic modules and rulebooks. To this day I am baffled why WotC didn’t do some sort of limited reprint of the original Players Handbook or some of the still-famous modules, to cash in on the explosion of interest in D&D’s roots...