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  1. Sulimo

    [Newcastle, Australia] Looking For Group

    So after several years without a group, I'm desperate enough to take some more direct action. At this point I'll play almost anything. So if there are any Newcastle groups needing an extra player, contact me.
  2. Sulimo

    Interview with Pramas-chu; or "Green Ronin & DC Interview"

    What is the scope of the license? there's quite a lot of crossover between things like the DCU and Vertigo for instance. Will the game be set in one, the current time period? or will it also offer material for other time periods like pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths?
  3. Sulimo

    Erik Mona's secret project revealed yet?

    Well I liked it. :o Well...I found it very entertaining to read. I never actually played any of the adventures. How can anyone not like Bugsbear Bunny?
  4. Sulimo

    D&D 4E Ryan Dancey on 4E

    Now maybe the local players I know are unusual, but it seems fairly unlikely to me. Most hardcore D&D players I know just stick with Wizards products and pretty much ignore everything else for the most part.
  5. Sulimo

    How Many New Systems have you bought?

    Lots. At one point our group would buy the core book of every new system just so we could look at various mechanics so we could pillage them for house rules. Plus I get very bored if I play the same system for too long. Lately I haven't bought many though. Of course I haven't bought much RPG...
  6. Sulimo

    B5 & Mongoose - Straczynski not pleased

    I have to admit I find that unlikely in this day and age given the way megacorps feel about licensing. As for myself, this in no way affects how I feel about the RPG or these novels. They'll be looked at on a case by case basis. Admittedly JMS' early treatment of Mongoose has something to do...
  7. Sulimo

    Ptolus - Support

    Thats good to hear. I was hoping to use it with Rolemaster (or HARP).
  8. Sulimo

    What D&D Character Type are YOU?

    Wow. Talk about thread necromancy. For a second I though someone had hacked my account and was posting stuff as I didn't even I remember posting this. :)
  9. Sulimo

    Review of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Earthdawn did too.
  10. Sulimo

    Review of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    And me with Rolemaster.
  11. Sulimo

    For Gawd's sake recommend something for me to read!

    I rather liked Masters of Rome by Colleen McCullough. Also the Egyptian stories by Christian Jacq.
  12. Sulimo

    Empire TV series

    I thought it was pretty awful myself. Cicero must be rolling in his grave. Hopefully the HBO show will turn out better.
  13. Sulimo

    Tolkien Audio Books

    I on the other hand adore them more now. They remind me of what I felt was really lacking in the films.
  14. Sulimo

    Who's excited about Blue Rose?

    Oddly enough I'm tempted to buy it just for the Stephanie Law art. Hopefully her art is inside as well as outside.
  15. Sulimo


    Anyone know where I'm likely to find details about Mirabar and the surrounding area? especially maps? Are there any adventures published for this area, be it in Dungeon or elsewhere?
  16. Sulimo

    Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved

    Nope. They were (and still are) a race in Rolemaster. Well unless they've been recently snipped from Creatures and Monsters. My edition is a bit old.
  17. Sulimo

    Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved

    It was only ever a single book setting. The only subsequent material I ever saw was an adventure publsihed in Challenge. Cool setting. Still have my copy.
  18. Sulimo


    This is probably the wrong place, but....anyone know whats going on with RPGNet? I seem unable to connect to it.
  19. Sulimo

    Dagon now a Greyhawk God?

    What? someone dissing ITMOM? I loved that movie.
  20. Sulimo

    Comparison: Strongholds & Dynasties - Empire - Magical Medieval Society - Birthright

    Given that, would it be terribly hard to add something so it you could run games where PC's are guildmasters and the like and not 'rulers'?