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    D&D 5E Vecna: Eve of Ruin Coming May 21st!

    Kas on the back cover, I think. That’s cool.
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    WotC D&D at PAX Unplugged Next Week

    They need to provide some release dates and reveal a few pieces of commissioned artwork for the 2024 editions before too long.
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    D&D 5E Glory of the Giants' AI-Enhanced Art

    Would this be a correct statement: in order to ‘enhance’ the artwork created by artist 1, an AI algorithm will collate art from as many artists as is fed into it (potentially artists 2 through infinity) and add line work and coloring to artist 1’s work. Artists 2 through infinity may have no...
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    RPG Evolution: For Those Who Support Us

    Condolences on your loss and may her memory be eternal. I cannot tell you how much this resonated with me, right down to parents 'hiding' AD&D hardcovers in clothing boxes.
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    TSR Just when you thought it was all over.... now there’s a fourth TSR!

    I'd think the old TSR logo is property of WotC/Hasbro, which leads me to think this continual messaging is just a way for a small company to drum up more publicity than it's otherwise worth, even at the risk of poking a large well-funded bear.
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    WotC Drizzt Do'Urden Action Figure Available for Pre-Order

    "Traditionally the drow have been depicted as jet black, purple, deep blue... " "I want smurf." "Smurf? Remember, you said smurf's reminded you of silly children's stories and were representative of a simplistic over-generalization... " "Yeah, I know, I want smurf."
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    D&D 5E The Dead Milkmen's D&D Adventure: Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera

    I like this module, it's not like all the other modules, here in the trailer park. Oh, don't get me wrong, they're fine modules, good adventures, but do you think they know what the "We recognize that some of the legacy content available on this website, does not reflect the values of the...
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    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Previews Include a Scroll of Tarrasque Summoning

    Beautiful and clever design work on that Ring of Warmth. I wonder if the art order describes the details, or if they let the artist run wild?
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    Paizo New Leadership at Paizo

    She should publish an autobiography - hers has to be one of the greatest success stories in the history of gaming and I'm sure her life lessons and experiences would make for interesting reading.
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    [UPDATED] WotC & Goodman Games Partner To Reprint Classic Modules for 5E

    I'm left with a couple questions: 1) Will this include full color full reproductions of the front and back covers? In the case of B1, that would be the monochrome and full color versions. 2) Will this preclude POD versions of the original modules being made available at Drive-Thru RPG in the...
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    What Are These Four Unnamed D&D Products? You can see the phantom listings for the September and November 2017 "Dust" and "Midway" for $49.95 that correspond in price and shipping dates with the typical WotC 5E set releases. Let the speculation and rampant...
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    ELEMENTAL EVIL Player's Companion - FREE!

    Random House, distributor for Wizards of the Coast. Catalog Search: Posted: Clear 1 catalog found Wizards of the Coast, Spring 2015 8 Titles Date Added: Aug 20, 2014 Posted By: Random House
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    ELEMENTAL EVIL Player's Companion - FREE!

    For what must be the third time on this site, there was no "leak". This is where all the information came from:
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    The Official Elemental Evil Announcement

    I say the water man is an updated Morkoth, because that would be pretty great. At that page count, I am on board to buy the adventure. Enjoying the released art so far as well. The winged elf woman piece has a bit of a Jack Kirby/Jim Steranko vibe to it with the background figures in their...
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    The Official Elemental Evil Announcement

    Anyone note what the page count is? For $49.95, I'm hoping for at least 192 pages.
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    While a public announcement was not made, Wizards of the Coast did provide solicitation information to a book distributor, from which book and game stores would make orders. So sometime between August 20 when the catalog was posted on the Edelweiss site and today, a decision was made to cancel...
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    Covers Preview for Elemental Evil Adventurer's Handbook and Princes of the Apocalypse!

    The catalog listing for Adventurer's Handbook is showing as cancelled: Pure hyperbolic speculation: they've merged the two, justifying the $50...
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    D&D 5E Princes of the Apolcalypse/Adventurer's Handbook by Sasquatch Game Studios

    Back alley, very shady. Mugged a guy, stole his Hachette catalogue listings. Where, as fate would have it, the Adventurer's Handbook status is showing as cancelled...
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    How Gary Gygax lost control of D&D

    A fascinating read - I've long been interested in how things went down at TSR and this article provides some great detail and evidence to fill in a lot of the vagaries. The lack of bank risk management, the lack of genuine business management at TSR, the acrimony between the principles (Gygax...