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  1. Imagicka

    Search vs. Spot

    Greetings... Bottom line... no. The skill 'search' isn't designed to actively look for something beyond the 'general' 10ft radius the skill specifies. Typically, 'spot' would be a better choice to handle the situation of actively looking for something beyond your 10' bubble. Perhaps the...
  2. Imagicka

    Why Adventure-Building is Bad

    Greetings... I thought it was funny. -- As for why I think the whole 'world building' thing is interesting to us is because we're gamers... and we're not your average gamer. But we're the type of gamers that are happy to read/write/discuss our lifestyle/hobby in great detail.
  3. Imagicka

    Request: 10th Level Characters

    Greetings... Where can I find this Scorching Ray topic?
  4. Imagicka

    A Question About Eric Noah

    Greetings... Actually, Eric Noah's real name is John Titor.
  5. Imagicka

    What would you want your DM screen to have?

    Well, if you need any help with it... I'll be happy to throw whatever I can your way. Since I posted my message, I've been fiddling with the various screen setups I have and trying to encorporate all the information into one file. Right now, I'm working in MS Word and plan to switch it over to...
  6. Imagicka

    Forgery Examples

    Greetings... Did any book out there, be it an official book, or third-party book discuss in depth the skill forgery? What I'm specificially looking for is example situations and their base DC for forgery skill checks.
  7. Imagicka

    Symbols for the Schools of Magic

    Greetings... Thanks for the help.
  8. Imagicka

    What would you want your DM screen to have?

    Greetings... One of the things that's been on my to-do list for a long long time has been to make a comprehensive DM-Screen Reference. I made one long ago for when I was running Ars Magica on a regular basis. But I don't have those files anymore after a HD crash... along with lots and lots of...
  9. Imagicka

    Symbols for the Schools of Magic

    Greetings... Was there any symbols that were associated with the 8 schools of magic? If so, what product had these? Are they anywhere online?
  10. Imagicka

    Big things are developing. Stay tuned.

    Beholder-O's Greetings... Sorry about the size and quality... I wanted something quick and dirty because I'm busy looking for a job... ... too bad I can't paid to do this. Maybe later I'll make a larger version with proper effects like shading, and cute little phrases like "A good source...
  11. Imagicka

    Collaborative Campaign Preparation Ideas

    Greetings... Piratecat... I for one would love to see some example questionaires... Oh, and I don't know if you've seen this before... or even if you made it... but...
  12. Imagicka

    Check My Math? - Animal Companion

    Greetings... I am a little confused. I was looking at the rules for creating an Animal Companion, and I would like to know if my thinking is right on this... I'm am designing an Druid's Animal Companion. In particular, I have a 3rd level druid who's taken a dog as his animal companion...
  13. Imagicka

    Toronto Gaming Con - Pandemonium XXIV

    Greetings... I see we have at least on other Torontoian here... so, I thought I would let you know... I am part of the Toronto Role-Playing Association a loose knit bunch of people who like to hook people up with other people looking to run/play games. Not just RPGs, but CCGs and board games...
  14. Imagicka

    Whats the biggest group you've DMed for?

    Greetings... 37.
  15. Imagicka

    Request: 10th Level Characters

    Kaodi, I thank you for pointing that out to me... I guess I should make put some restrictions/guidelines. For Stats: I think a 32 or 33 point buy would be good enough. Hit Points: Max at First Level and Average for the Other Levels.
  16. Imagicka

    Request: 10th Level Characters

    Greetings... I was wondering if anyone/everyone could help me out here. I've looked a bit here, and look in websites where NPCs are kept, but I haven't found what I need. I am of need of a bunch of 10th level characters for the Eberron setting. The characters can be anything...
  17. Imagicka

    Toronto Gaming Con - Pandemonium XXIV

    Greetings... The Pandemonium Website has been updated. It now has a complete listing of all the games, along with other information that you might need.
  18. Imagicka

    Redesigning the Game

    Is d20 D&D too specific enough to cover the medieval fantasy genre? I thought I would start this thread to see what people wanted in an FRPG. Now, assuming that everyone wants to play a medieval fantasy game, and D&D isn’t general enough for some people, so there are some questions to be...
  19. Imagicka

    What don't you like about D&D? #70 Greetings... Arr Matey! What I no be liking about D&D... First, let us be addressing what others have mentioned... Levels - They are a nice way to gauge the power of characters. Are they really needed? No, not really. But then the game...
  20. Imagicka

    Toronto Gaming Con - Pandemonium XXIV

    Greetings... The Listing of games at Pandemonium 24 is now up. You can find a complete listing in PDF here. Or you can check out their website: John "Imagicka" Blackthorne Imagicka @ hotmail ~ Imagicka23 @ gmail ICQ:13682963...